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A Giant Earth-Destroying Storm Is No Match For Gerard Butler… And His Bro

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Let the excitement about the non-sequel non-remake sci-fi action movies for 2015 officially begin!

Warner Bros.

Wally Pfister Is Not Happy With The Marketing Of ‘Transcendence’

By | 7 Comments

Wally Pfister's first movie, 'Transcendence', has seen some... "streamlining" in its trailers.


Warner Bros. Are Looking To Turn ‘Minecraft’ Into Their Next Blockbuster

By | 2 Comments

There's going to be a 'Minecraft' movie because, shrug, why the hell not?


The Unnecessary ‘Point Break’ Remake Has Its Johnny Utah

By | 16 Comments

The casting for the totally unnecessary 'Point Break' remake is complete, as Luke Bracey will play Johnny Utah opposite Gerard Butler.


Has Jesse Eisenberg Known He Was In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Since October?

By | 10 Comments

In this interview from October 2013, 'Batman Vs. Superman' is brought up to Jesse Eisenberg, and it gets very specific. HE TOTALLY KNEW, maybe.

gritty reboots

Confirmed: Hugh Jackman Will Kidnap Boys In A Gritty Peter Pan Origin Story

By | 9 Comments

Hugh Jackman will play Blackbeard in a gritty Peter Pan origin story, probably the best idea in Hollywood history.


Garrett Hedlund Is Probably Going To Play Young Captain Hook In ‘Pan’

By | 8 Comments

With Hugh Jackman as the top choice to play Blackbeard, Garrett Hedlund is now the pick to play Captain Hook in the origin story 'Pan.'

Alexander Skarsgård

Margot Robbie And Alexander Skarsgard To Represent The Master Race In ‘Tarzan’

By | 32 Comments

Hot blondes Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard to represent the master race as Tarzan and Jane in Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic eugenics parable.


Warner Bros. Is Finally Releasing The Entire Adam West ‘Batman’ Series This Year

By | 22 Comments

Finally, 'Batman' fans young and old will be able to experience the 1966 Adam West TV series, as Warner Bros. is releasing it as a box set in 2014.

origin stories

Hugh Jackman Might Star In Warner’s Peter Pan Origin Story

By | 19 Comments

Warner Bros. is reportedly trying to cast Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard in the Peter Pan origin story, 'Pan.'


Josh Gad Will Write And Star In A ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Movie

By | 36 Comments

Warner Bros. is tapping the retro TV show well again, as Josh Gad will write and star in a 'Gilligan's Island' movie.


Amy Adams Doesn’t Want Wonder Woman Stealing Her Superman

By | 20 Comments

When asked if she wanted Lois Lane and Wonder Woman to be in a Man of Steel love triangle, Amy Adams said that she'd prefer something else.

Superman vs. Batman

Gal Gadot is Your New Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

By | 128 Comments

Former Miss Israel Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in WB's upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, opposite Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.


Warner Bros Registers List of Possible Batman vs. Superman Titles

By | 140 Comments

Warner Bros registers a list of possible titles for Batman vs. Superman, and almost all of them are night/knight puns.


Jim Belushi Thinks His Son Should Play The Guy Who Made Him Famous

By | 16 Comments

Jim Belushi said that while he thinks Emile Hirsch is a terrific actor, his son, Robert, is the only comedic actor qualified to play John Belushi.

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Did Warner Bros Abuse The Law With Their DMCA Takedowns?

By | 5 Comments

Warner Bros. may have abused DMCA tools during a recent copyright victory against Hotfile and could pay the price in front of a jury.


Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Apparently Playing The Wonder Twins

By | 13 Comments

Midtown Comics received a promotional poster for a Wonder Twins film starring Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, but could it just be distraction marketing?


Warner Bros. Changed The Stupid Name Of Adam Sandler’s ‘Familymoon’

By | 19 Comments

Warner Bros. has changed the name of Adam Sandler's next film from Blended to The Familymoon and now back to Blended again.


Emile Hirsch beat out Adam Devine to play John Belushi

By | 32 Comments

John Belushi: he's not just your poster anymore! Into the Wild's Emile Hirsch has signed on to play John Belushi in a Warner Bros biopic that's been in the works for at least three years. First an Entourage movie and now this?! I just wish Blowjob Stacy and Date Rape Dave were alive to see this. (*pours jungle juice out on ground*)

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