Warren Ellis

‘Global Frequency’ Finally Sees A Return To Television

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Warren Ellis comes to screens, finally, with 'Global Frequency.'


Warren Ellis Is Bringing Back Moon Knight In ‘A New Kind Of Crime Fiction’

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Warren Ellis is bringing back 'Moon Knight' in a new Marvel series coming next March.


Our 15 Favorite Out-Of-Context Quotes From Warren Ellis On The Nerdist Podcast

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Warren Ellis was on the most recent episode of the Nerdist podcast, and we've collected some of our favorite out-of-context quotes from his episode.


40 More Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards


A few days ago we posted this gallery of 35 geeky valentines, and, as is inevitable, we then found several more cards we missed (technically more than 40, but we like nice round numbers).


Warren Ellis Writes Comic About Augmented Reality In Invisible Ink


SVK is a new one-shot from Warren Ellis and Matt "D'Israeli" Brooker (along with London design firm BERG).


Will The Authority Get A Film…Without Warren Ellis?


If you've never read Warren Ellis' superhero book The Authority, it has a simple premise: What if superheroes stopped trying to maintain the status quo and actively tried to improve the world.



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Ever wish that Marvel Comics were firmly in continuity but were also stand-alone and accessible to new readers.

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