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The Lyric Video For ‘Don’t Give Up’ By Washed Out Is Chill As Hell

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Good God it's only Tuesday! How am I going to get through the rest of the week?" Look, we're going to get through this with a little help from Washed Out.

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New Washed Out Video Features A Really Chill Cat, Bro

I'm a big fan of Washed Out and I love this song and Ernest Greene has a chill-ass cat that obviously digs the chillwave vibes in this video. So there.

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Washed Out Performs For Daytrotter, Girl Sticks Flowers To Her Face

"Chillwave" may or may not be a passing fad, but one thing's certain: Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, is still keeping the lo-fi, atmospheric genre alive.

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Here Is Washed Out Performing ‘Far Away’ Live In A Studio Beautifully

In a post for a video release a few weeks back, I wrote that I enjoy Washed Out's music "most while soaking in my bath tub with the lights out, a couple of candles flickering around me, a glass of whiskey or wine in hand, after a long day of writing things on the internet.

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Washed Out’s ‘Eyes Be Closed’ Video Is As Chill As You Would Expect It To Be

Washed Out's new album With And Without is -- like Life Of Leisure before it -- arguably among the most celebrated releases of the chillwave genre.

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Things I Saw On The Internet Today That I Want Really Bad


As I noted the other day, I spend hours each day wandering around the Internet, and often I run across things that I find myself wanting really bad.

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