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Watch President Barack Obama Take Over ‘The Colbert Report’ To Give His Own Version Of ‘The Word’

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The special D.C. episode of 'The Colbert Report' didn't disappoint, especially once Barack Obama managed to take over for Stephen Colbert.

#Stephen Colbert

President Obama Will Be A Guest On Monday’s Episode Of ‘The Colbert Report’ From Washington, D.C.

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Stephen Colbert is traveling to Washington, D.C. for one special interview with President Barack Obama. Will it be a showdown?

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Listen To The Foo Fighters’ ‘Feast Or Famine’ And Feel The Punk Vibe


Prior to tonight's episode of HBO's 'Sonic Highways', the Foo Fighters have released their latest song, 'Feast or Famine'.

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A Washington DC Teacher Was Arrested On Her First Day For Having Sex With A Student

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Another day, another THREE news stories about teachers sleeping with their underage students.

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Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen And Rihanna Are Headlining A Veterans Day Concert In DC


HBO and Starbucks are hosting the 'Concert for Valor' on the National Mall on Veterans Day, complete with an incredible lineup.


This Is What It Looks Like When Obama Takes A Stroll To Meet Random People

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Instead of going directly to the Department of the Interior, President Obama decided to walk around and talk to some random people.


Lady Gaga Fans Are Flipping Out That Her DC Show Was Moved For The Wizards

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After it was announced that Lady Gaga would swap her DC and Philly shows because of the Washington Wizards, the Little Monsters went crazy.


Mr. Affleck Went To Washington And Gave The Most Awkward Handshake Of All Time

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Ben Affleck headed to Washington D.C. to talk to Congress about the Congo, but instead gave the one of the most awkward handshake you'll ever see.


Donald Trump’s Old Post Office Hotel In Washington DC Can’t Have A Strip Club

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According to the rules laid out in the 319-page leasing agreement, Donald Trump cannot have a strip club at his new Old Post Office Pavilion hotel.


'Welcome To Obamacare, You Fat Piece Of Sh*t': Jon Stewart Found The Perfect Guy To Run HealthCare.gov

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Jofi Jseph's actions weren't exactly "ethical" but he is good at computers and drawing eyeballs, so...


Washington DC Businesses Are Offering Federal Employees Free Stuff During The Shutdown

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Federal employees out of work during this government shutdown are being treated to a variety of free things from grateful Washington DC businesses.


Comedian Dan Nainan Punched A Tweeting Critic In The Face After His Show

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According to The Daily Beast's Josh Rogin, comedian Dan Nainan punched him in the face two times for Tweeting criticisms during his set.


Roll Up: D.C. Just Recorded Its First Legal Weed Transaction In Over 75 Years

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This legendary individual is Alonzo, a 51-year-old, HIV-positive young man who waltzed out of a North Capitol Street row house with a half ounce of Chocolate City-grown, high-grade (i.

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Video: The Architect Of The Capitol Received A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mashup Treatment

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The Architect of the Capitol released an animated video of the history of Capitol Hill and someone dubbed the Game of Thrones theme song over it.


Nike World Basketball Festival Launches in Washington, D.C.

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Pardon the interruption but our regular posting schedule will be off over the next few days.


Matt Damon Loves Him Some Teachers

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Matt Damon’s mom is a school teacher, therefore Matt Damon loves, appreciates and respects school teachers.


Are You Still Trying To Quit Smoking?

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It’s tough to be a smoker these days, what with everyone trying to stop us from vacationing in Flavor Country.


Will Dualbooks Enhance Education?


One of my biggest complaints about going to school was always having to lug around a backpack with a bunch of big old books for my classes.

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