RG3 Has Been Named Next Year’s Starter According To Coach Jay Gruden


Forget Colt Mccoy, forget Kirk Cousins, forget them all---the Washington Redskins belong to Robert Griffin III.


Watch This Powerful Ad From The Oneida Indian Nation About The Washington Redskins

By | 11 Comments

For the second year in a row, the Oneida Indian Nation released a spot about the Washington Redskins.


Did An ESPN Reporter Fabricate A Story About Robert Griffin III?

By | 11 Comments

It appears Britt McHenry misunderstood a situation in the Redskins locker room and now she's being called out for it.

Washington Redskins

Thousands Of Activists Protested The ‘Redskins’ Football Name During Game In Minnesota

By | 24 Comments

The #NotYourMascot movement in Minnesota came out to the Redskins/Vikings game to protest the continued use of the offensive name.

#Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Supports The Washington Redskins Keeping Their Name

By | 62 Comments

Matthew McConaughey shares his thoughts on the Washington Redskins nickname in an interview with GQ Magazine.

#The Daily Show

Redskins Fans Threatened To ‘F*cking Cut’ A Native American Who Appeared On ‘The Daily Show’

By | 46 Comments

Washington Redskins supporters are doing a really good job of becoming the most hated sports fanbase after the Patriots.

#The Daily Show

‘The Daily Show’ Brought Redskins Fans And Native Americans Together For A Brilliantly Awkward Segment

By | 191 Comments

The Daily Show's Jason Jones talks to Native Americans and Washington fans about the Redskins name controversy.

#South Park

‘South Park’ Just Killed Dan Snyder And The Washington Redskins In This Amusing Teaser For Season 18

By | 26 Comments

Welcome back South Park! The show ran a teaser for their 18th season and it was a beautiful take down of the Washington Redskins.


This Washington-Themed Homer Simpson Haircut is Peak NFL Fandom

By | 7 Comments

Nothing says football fandom like creating a mural on your head. Washington fan, you the real MVP.


Former NFL Referee Mike Carey Refused To Work Washington Games Because Of The Redskins Name

By | 8 Comments

Referee Mike Carey took a stand against the Redskins name a long, long time ago.


This ‘Caucasians’ T-Shirt Is Suddenly Causing Quite A Buzz On The Internet

By | 32 Comments

Opponents of team mascots like the Redskins and Indians may have found a new favorite t-shirt with this hot-selling 'Caucasians' design.

#dumb criminals

This Fugitive Was Arrested After He Gave A Newspaper His Opinion On The Washington Redskins Controversy

By | 14 Comments

This brazen criminal gave his thoughts on the Washington Redskins name change in an opinion article.


Watch John Oliver Compare Dan Snyder Clinging To The Redskins Name To Some Of The Worst Things In History

By | 31 Comments

Watch John Oliver lay the smack down on Dan Snyder and his insistence on keeping the highly offensive Washington Redskins name.

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