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That Video That May Or May Not Be Peyton Manning Has People Buzzing

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On Friday, a very poor quality video of a guy in a white helmet throwing a football at Duke University showed up on YouTube and people were like, “Well Peyton Manning has a white helmet and <a href="">he’s been hanging out at Duke</a>, so it must be him.


Jason Campbell Out Indefinitely With Cold Feet

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According to <a href="">his wedding website</a>, free agent quarterback Jason Campbell was quite excited to marry his longtime, on-again/off-again girlfriend, Jenny Montes, at the Paradisus Palma Real in the Dominican Republic.


Never Forget, Unless We Tell You To

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In a pro football world where wearing high-top cleats to honor the passing of Johnny Unitas can earn you a <a href="">$25,000 fine</a>, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that players hoping to wear red, white and blue gear on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is a punishable offense.


Play Free Fantasy Football With Draftstreet, Win $250 (Pic Unrelated)

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<a href=""> Rex Grossman has been named the Washington Redskins’ starter for Sunday’s opener against the New York Giants. “Throughout this whole thing I wanted to play well and have no regrets about my play,” Grossman said. “My confidence maybe would waver a little bit every once in a while just not sure what they’re going to do. So I signed up for this <a href="">fantasy football thing on With Leather</a> and won $250.


Athletes Take To Twitter For The Great East Coast Earthquake Of 2011

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Unless you’re still locked away in your fallout shelter, you already know that yesterday’s 5.


The News Just Gets Worse For Canada

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ESPN the Magazine, or Highlights for sports fans as I like to call it, has finally released its highly-anticipated 9th-annual Ultimate Standings.


Lorenzo Alexander Fights Fire With Fire (edit: Water)


Believe it or not, some football stars are using their NFL Lockout prep-time constructively instead of trolling people on Twitter or boxing Kimbo Slice.


The 2011 NFL Draft Starts Tonight

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Originally, I was going to put together a first round mock draft to pretend like I had any clue how the 2011 NFL Draft was going to unfold and thankfully I talked myself out of kidding myself.


Haynes Her Way

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In a situation that calls for both 1,000 and zero jokes, Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth has been officially charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse for ordering food at a hotel, then paying for it in the grossest possible way.


Dan Snyder Hates Your Support

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Update: Dan Snyder is maybe not the nicest and coolest guy to ever run a football team.

College Basketball

Donovan McNabb To Become Analyst…For College Hoops


Washington Redskins quarterback (for now) Donovan McNabb may or may not have a football season in which to play this fall, so like many other NFL players, he took a second job.


Dan Snyder Is A Horrible Owner


As we head back to sports, I can't help but enjoy the tone of this new <a href="">NMA</a> creation, basically daring Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to sue the rogue Taiwanese media outfit.


Heath Shuler Will Be Packing Heat

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In light of <a href="">the recent events in Tucson, Arizona</a> on Saturday, North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler has made an interesting public statement.


Donovan McNabb Benched As The Shanahans Look To The Future

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As Donovan McNabb has been benched with three games remaining, the Washington Redskins have officially thrown in the towel on 2010, and why not.


Shanahan The Least-Dickish NFL Coach, Except For All The Others

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The NFL's highest-paid defensive player now has some extra time to shop for the Holidays.


After Getting Benched (Again), McNabb Gets Paid (Again)

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The Washington Redskins just signed Donovan McNabb to a $75 million extension after a short day of face-to-face negotiations.


Mike Shanahan’s History Of Screwing Over His Quarterback

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Everyone is still making a big deal of Mike Shanahan's benching of Donovan McNabb's benching against the Lions nearly two weeks ago.


T.O. Heard Rumors That He May Or May Not Have Actually Started

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Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens finally weighed in on this Donovan McNabb business.

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Mike Shanahan Was Right: McNabb Sucks At The Hurry-Up

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UPDATE: Vote in the ASYLUM Poll: <a href="">Was the Donovan McNabb trade a bust?</a> It's a pretty big deal, sadly, whenever the Detroit Lions beat anybody, and the walkaway story from <a href="">their conquest over Washington yesterday</a> was that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan benched his star quarterback with the game on the line.

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Happy Birthday Willis McGahee

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Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee turned 29 last week, which seems to be the beginning of the end for NFL running backs in our day.

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