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Here’s What ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Book Fans Expect To See In The Second Half Of Season Five

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All signs point to 'The Walking Dead' heading towards a key story from the comics in the last half of this season. Here's your guide.

Crime Spree

One Bad Acid Trip Led To A Man Going On A Week-Long Crime Spree That Ended At A McDonald’s Drive-Thru

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Roy, Washington recently experienced a crime spree where a man on acid broke into homes, requesting sandwiches and rides to McDonald's.


This Woman Has Been Eating Pet Food For A Month To Promote Ingredient Awareness

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A pet store owner in Washington has been eating pet food since June 19 to prove that ingredients count for animals and humans.


Looking For A Super Bowl XLVIII Snack? Try Some ‘Hot Skittles Sausage’

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If you're in need of a delicious Super Bowl XLVIII snack, check out this Washington butcher's 'Beast Mode! Hot Skittles Sausage.'


Weed Is Legal, But There’s No Buying Or Selling It?

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Marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington.


Let’s Celebrate Colorado And Washington Legalizing Marijuana With Funny Pictures, Shall We?

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Voters in both Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana use. Let's celebrate with funny pictures, shall we?


The Worst Part About Cross-Country Meets: Being Murdered By Bears

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There are a lot of great reasons to run; it improves your cardiovascular health, prevents muscle and bone loss, improves coordination and can help you both lose weight and gain confidence.


Our 20 Favorite Works From The 'Rayguns and Robots!' Sci-Fi Art Show


"MST3K Attacks" by Chet Phillips James Monosmith’s <a href="http://www.ltdartgallery.com/">Ltd. Art Gallery</a> in Seattle premiered the "Rayguns and Robots.


The Family That Slays Zombies Together

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Ivan Owen at <a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChainCrafts">Chain Crafts</a> in Bellingham, Washington, got an interesting birthday request from his wife, <a href="http://www.jenmartinstudios.blogspot.com/">Jen</a>.


Breaking News: Look At This Dog

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This is Doug (formerly "Ug"), the abandoned, two-year-old, half-blind Pointer cross dog who sat in a British animal shelter for months awaiting adoption before a cafe worker in South Yorkshire saw him on the shelter's website and fell in love.

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