#2014 FIFA World Cup

Nike’s Latest World Cup Ad Is Giving ESPN A Run For Its Money

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Nike's 'Winner Stays' World Cup ad is 4-minutes of global soccer superstars showing why they are total badasses.


Manchester United, Now Featuring The Bad Guys From ‘Home Alone’

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Wayne Rooney and Marouane Fellaini of Manchester United look exactly like the bad guys from 'Home Alone,' says an astute Imgurer.


Blindfold Soccer Is The Best Soccer

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I always appreciate when things get added to soccer to make it more difficult -- random MMA rules, firecrackers, whatever -- but my new favorite unnecessary soccer accoutrement is BLINDFOLDS, because apparently telepathic soccer is a thing.


Mario Balotelli Didn't Need To Win Euro 2012

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Italy may have had its meatballs snipped off by Spain with a 4-0 loss in the Euro 2012 Final, but that doesn’t mean it’s all misery and depression for Mario Balotelli and Co.


For Just $90,000 You Can Buy Wayne Rooney's Custom Motorcycle


England and Ukraine will face off against each other at 2:45 ET on ESPN today in a match to determine which of the two teams will advance from Group D at the Euro 2012 tournament.

Wojciech Szczesny

EPL Wrap-Up: Chelsea Manager Axed, Gunners Over Liverpool, Manchester United Steal One From Spurs

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They say death comes in threes and for Chelsea Football Club it came with a loss to WBA, dropping out of a Champions League spot and the firing of their coach Andre Villas Boas.


Shakira Is A Very Good Reason To Like Soccer

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Last we checked in on international pop superstar Shakira, she was dumping her no-good soccer star boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, because he allegedly couldn’t stop putting his balls in other girls’ nets.


6.17 The Cooler

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Wakina Rebecca Black Pulls Friday From YouTube After Dispute With Ark Music [Cinema Blend] Chappelle Is *Not* Going to Netflix [Warming Glow] 10 Commandments For Father's Day [CNN] 50 Cent Talks New Material, Jimmy Henchman, Chelsea Handler, Ja Rule & More [RTNY] Kids Lemonade Stand Shut Down by U.


British Tabloids Googling for Arrested Development Screencaps

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British tabloids are "blazing hot" this morning after Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney tweeted the first photo of his hair transplant, because British tabloids spent a month talking about that one lady's wedding hat and get bent out of shape over everything.


Wayne Rooney Is Good At Soccer

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We finally tracked down some video of Wayne Rooney's bicycle kick goal against Man City over the weekend.


Urine For A Shower Of Golden News

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It seems like only yesterday that I was given a student referral in college for public urination, and for all I know it could have been yesterday because I drink a lot.


World Cup vs. FIBA World Championship National Teams

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With the World Cup now upon us, and the FIBA World Basketball Championship right around the corner this summer, I decided to compare the national soccer and basketball teams of some of the planet's powerhouses: Brazil, Germany, France, Argentina, Spain, England/Great Britain and the USA.


The Beautiful Games: Dime’s NBA vs. World Cup Player Comparisons

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With the World Cup opener less than 24 hours away, soccer fans across the globe are setting their DVR's and scouting out bars open at ungodly hours just for a chance to watch the world's very best stars.


The Week That Was: To The Victor Belong The Spoils Edition


And just like that we turn the calender page another month is in the books.

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