Joe Maddon Is In Here Talking ‘Bout Practice

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is talkin bout practice. Not the game, not the actual game. He's talkin bout practice. He's talkin bout PRACTICE.


Here’s LeBron James Alley-Ooping It Off The Walls To Himself Because He Can

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LeBron James can do whatever he wants, right? Here he is winning any dunk contest in the world with alley-oops off the walls at practice.


Look Out, Naked Weirdos: Philadelphia Eagles Security Is Practicing Streaker Drills


I know this kinda looks like somebody playing Electric Football, but it's actually Philadelphia Eagles security holding "streaker drills," to help them practice for those unexpected moments when dudes (or ladies) get brave and decide to storm the field.


Spoiler: USA Will Kill You With Dunks RAHHHH


That's all well and good, but let's see him try that with a 5-foot-2 Frenchman in his way.


Shocking: Alex Smith Is Not Joe Montana

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Jim Harbaugh has never seemed like a cruel monster, or even slightly mean, for that matter.


Don’t Be The Guy That Wears A Redskins Jersey To Eagles’ Practice

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From the Desk Of Philly Being Philly: A man attending a Philadelphia Eagles practice earlier this morning was asked to remove a Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey that he was wearing.


Anyone Want Some Iverson? Anyone?

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After Allen Iverson took a leave of absence from the 76ers to take care of family issues last season, the safe bet was that he would be out of basketball for good.

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