Watch This Massive Wall Of Snow Swallow Buffalo, New York

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Buffalo residents have been hit by a wall of "lake-effect" snow from Lake Eerie which will possibly result in a "six footer".


The Niagara Women’s Basketball Team Was Stranded In A Snowstorm For 24 Hours

By | 8 Comments

Members of the Niagara women's basketball team live-tweeted a snowstorm.


Weather Is Jericho: Chris Jericho Crashed The Weather Forecast In Phoenix

By | 8 Comments

Y2J was in town with his band Fozzy, so naturally he decided to do the weather for a Fox station in Phoenix.. Here are the results.


This Guy Not Only Survived Being Struck By Lightning, But Caught It On Camera Too

By | 3 Comments

A Seattle man recorded himself being struck by lightning this past weekend.


Duck For Cover While Watching This Freak Hailstorm Clear A Siberian Beach

By | 8 Comments

Think it's safe to lay out in the Sun on a Siberian beach? Well, you obviously haven't been on a Siberian beach.


What Joke Could Have Possibly Made This Weatherman Laugh So Hard?

By | 13 Comments

Buffalo weatherman Andy Parker couldn't keep it together during yesterday morning's forecast, as someone had him cracking up.

#jimmy kimmel

Here’s A Fun Compilation Of Los Angeles News Teams Freaking Out Over Two Inches Of Rain

By | 17 Comments

Currently in LA the local news can't decide if they should freak out more over how DESPERATELY they need the rain or the rain itself.


North Carolina School Administrators Announce Snow Day With Weather-Themed Parody Of ‘Ice Ice Baby’


The head of North Carolina's Durham Academy (and his assistant) nail a playful rendition of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby."


What The South Needs To Learn From Its Snowpocalypse

By | 19 Comments

The South got its very own snowpocalypse yesterday, and Southerners are very, very angry about how funny the rest of the country finds it.


How To Remove Ice From A Car In Poland


Poland, where owning an ice scraper is completely pointless.

#The Walking Dead

Scenes From The ATLcalypse: Twitter Reacts To The Atlanta Snowstorm

By | 18 Comments

Let's take to Twitter to see the genuine stories of hardship, and the complete over-reactions, to the Atlanta snowstorm.


Air Guitarist Videobombs Local News Storm Coverage


Winter storms. Does anyone take them seriously?


Massive Icicle vs. Russian Traffic Light


As if the roads of Russia weren't dangerous enough already, now pedestrians have to watch for killer icicles.


Powerful Tornadoes Ripped Through Southern Illinois Today And The Internet Has Plenty Of Photos

By | 5 Comments

Scenes from today's devastating tornadoes across Illinois. Powerful storm system still a threat to other states. Let's hope everyone is safe.


Passive-Aggressive St. Louis Cardinals Fan Weatherman Is The Best Weatherman

By | 3 Comments

A weatherman deals with the World Series loss of the St. Louis Cardinals with a passive-aggressive weather report.


Storm Rips Scaffolding Right Off Building In Denmark


A crazy wind storm in Copenhagen pulls the scaffolding right off a six-story building.


Elevator Weatherman Prank


Don't make small talk about the weather to <a href="">Greg Benson</a> unless you're ready for a complete forecast.


The Rapping Weatherman Clones Himself


FOX 14 Meteorologist <a href="">Nick Kosir</a>, notorious for his on-air weather-related raps, is back with his seventh live performance.

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