The ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ Supercut Will Leave You In Absolute Disbelief

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The latest Screen Junkies supercut takes on the very commonly used phrase: 'Are you kidding me?'


Brad Pitt Crashed A Wedding And It Was Probably Awesome For The Groom

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Brad Pitt is currently in England filming Fury, which is the story of some American soldiers who embark on an against-all-odds mission at the end of World War II that doesn’t make me experience déjà vu at all, and he took a little break last Friday to grab a drink at the hotel bar.


John Travolta crashed a wedding

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While many of his acting peers are beloved, their every real-life good deed fawned over by hundreds of websites, John Travolta has never quite been embraced by the internet generation.


Will Ferrell: From SNL to the Internet And Beyond

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Few actors have had the commercial success of Will Ferrell.



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After John McCain released an ad (watch it after the jump) comparing Barack Obama to people like Paris Hilton (whose McCain-contributing family is <a href="http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080804/ap_en_mo/mccain_hilton_s_mom" target="_blank">none too pleased</a> {I'd think they'd be more pissed about their daughter being a vacuous whore, but whatever}) and Britney Spears, this clip of McCain's cameo in Wedding Crashers has been going around the web.

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