This Bride Got Back At Her Crappy Parents With The Most Scathing Wedding Invitation Ever

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This bride found a unique and creative way to inform her terrible parents that they were NOT invited to her wedding.


When She Couldn’t Find ‘The One,’ This Woman Married Herself

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Complete with bridesmaids and flowers, Yasmin Eleby made the ultimate commitment -- to herself.


This Toddler’s Unique Dance Moves Are Going To Make Him Popular With The Ladies Someday


This video of a kid dancing at a wedding trumps every other video of a kid dancing at a wedding.


This Surprise Flash Mob Wedding Will Probably Leave You A Little Teary-Eyed

By | 2 Comments

What's better than a surprise wedding? Try a surprise flash mob Christmas wedding!


Scarlett Johansson Reportedly Got Married To Someone Who Definitely Isn’t You

By | 5 Comments

Scarlett Johansson may or may not be married to someone who isn't you.


Charles Manson Is Finally Getting Married To His 26-Year Old Girlfriend

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Charles Manson's devoted fan and self-proclaimed girlfriend says that she's marrying the 80-year old prisoner soon.

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This Groom Violently Dropping His Bride Is A Perfect Lesson In How Not To Start A Marriage

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If you're going to carry your new wife, try to be careful. That means no sprinting.

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Someone Strapped A GoPro Camera To A Whiskey Bottle At A Wedding, And The Result Is Magical

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Someone strapped a GoPro camera to a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey at a wedding, and the results are magical.


The Hacksaw Jim Duggan Wedding Cake Exists And Probably Tastes Like Freedom

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Feast your eyes on the greatest wedding cake in the history of our sport: a giant Hacksaw Jim Duggan, covered in WWF action figures.


These Giants Fans Put Their Wedding On Hold Until The Conclusion Of Game 2

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These two didn't consummate their wedding until Game 2 of the NLDS was over. Game 2 was the longest playoff game ever. Hope he had Viagra.

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George Clooney Had Strict Rules For Guests To Ensure Privacy At His Wedding

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin took great lengths to make sure TMZ didn't get their filthy hands on any of their wedding photos.

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George Clooney Is Going To Great Lengths To Get People Drunk At His Wedding


George Clooney's best friend and business partner Rande Gerber loaded a private jet with 100 cases of tequila for George Clooney's wedding.

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A 24-Year-Old Playboy Model Married An 81-Year-Old Billionaire Over The Weekend

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Love is a many-splendored thing. It can also make you very, very wealthy


Neil Patrick Harris Is Officially Off The Market, Everybody (UPDATE)

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Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime fiance David Burtka quietly wed in Italy over the weekend.


Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress Was Covered With Her Kids’ Drawings

By | 3 Comments

Sexy, cool couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married, and she wore an adorable wedding dress.


The Thread Count: A Fashionable History Of Wrestling Weddings (Part 1)

By | 14 Comments

Pro wrestlers are always getting married on wrestling shows, so we take a look at the first four instances of in-ring wedding fashion.


Oh Nothing, Just A Bride Ordering From The Taco Bell Drive-Thru In Her Wedding Dress

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Sometimes a newly-married woman just needs to grab some Taco Bell, even if it means walking up to the Drive-Thru in her wedding dress.


Jeff Goldblum Attended A Wedding, So Of Course They Took A ‘Jurassic Park’ Photo

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When asked if he'd join in on a special dinosaur-themed wedding photo, the always-charming Jeff Goldblum simply couldn't say no.


You’re Going To Want To Invite This Dancing Grandpa To Your Wedding

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Watch in awe as this old man drops his crutches and breaks it down for a very appreciative wedding crowd.

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