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Charles Barkley Discovers Urban Dictionary


Charles Barkley's latest Weight Watchers has given hope to fat guys across the country.


Watch Charles Barkley Say ‘Penis’ Many Times Without Actually Saying ‘Penis’ In New Weight Watchers Ad

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Fellas, Charles Barkley and Weight Watchers would like to remind you that your gut cuts down your penis size (Immediately Googles "Weight Watchers").


What’s Worse: Weight Watchers Or The Atlanta Hawks?

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By way of <a href="">Awful Announcing</a> comes this charming clip the first quarter of Thursday's Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks game wherein Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller and Sir Charles Five Buck Box It Rocks It Rocks Barkley discussing Weight Watchers, Dwight Howard and how sad the Hawks are while accidentally mic'd and on-air.

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