Boston University Is Now Offering A ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Sex Ed Course

By | 7 Comments

The class’s sign-up sheet probably has the words 'Accio Boners' written on it somewhere.


Scarlett Johansson And One Of The Haim Sisters Have Started Their Own Band

By | 7 Comments

Scarlett Johansson has recruited Este Haim to be in her all-girl group called The Singles.


A Naked Florida Woman Wreaked Havoc By Climbing Onto A Car In The Middle Of Traffic

By | 20 Comments

We're sure this woman had a perfectly good explanation for climbing onto cars naked in traffic.


A 92-Year-Old Man Crashed Into 9 Cars While Trying To Exit A Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot

By | 25 Comments

This video is the only argument needed against letting old people behind the wheel.


Urban Outfitters Is Under Fire For Selling Holocaust-Themed Home Goods

By | 9 Comments

It can't be that hard to create products that don't remind people of the mass murder of six million people, can it?


Meet The Baltimore Inmate Who Impregnated Four Guards And Ran A Drug Smuggling Operation

By | 17 Comments

Think this Baltimore City Detention Center inmate would fit right in on 'The Wire'.


The Noose Used To Hang Saddam Hussein Is Now Up For Sale To The Highest Bidder

By | 2 Comments

For the man who has everything, here's the rope used in the execution of the former Iraqi ruler is now up for auction.

Butt Stuff

There’s A Gay Avenue Butt Stabber On The Loose In Cleveland!

By | 5 Comments

If this story about a man being stabbed in a very sensitive area doesn't regress you into a child then we don't even know you anymore.


Nets Fan Allegedly Uses Prosthetic Leg To Deliver Beatdown, Gets Carried Away By Security

By | 3 Comments

Watch a man get kicked out of last night's Nets/Knicks game after beating someone with his prosthetic leg.

sex addicts

This Female Sex Addict Claims To Have Kept A Scorecard Tracking 140 Lovers Over The Past 30 Years

By | 24 Comments

Meet Sandy Nardo. She's an eccentric 53-year-old mother from Dublin who loves doing it.


Did They Really Find A Woman With No Brain In China?

By | 11 Comments

Well, she does have a brain. She's just missing a very crucial part of it. We explain.


A Former Power Ranger Has Been Using His Stuntman Training To Rob Homes

By | 9 Comments

It's hard out there for a Ranger, apparently, as a former member of the show has been robbing houses.


A Woman Who Went Searching For Her Birth Mother Found Out That She And Her Husband Are Siblings

By | 29 Comments

Finding out that your husband is also your brother? That's gotta be awkward.


This Dad Accidentally Delivered His Newborn Baby Right Into The Toilet

By | 3 Comments

We can think of some good nicknames this baby should probably have for the rest of its life.


A Mom Is Blaming Another Stabbing On Internet Legend Slender Man

By | 20 Comments

A mom in Ohio is blaming an attack on her daughter's slight interest in Slender Man.


Man Buys ‘Penis Enlargement Device’, Receives Magnifying Glass

By | 5 Comments

It sounds like a gag gift sold at a roadside souvenir shop from the '70s, yet it's a medical scam currently being pulled on online shoppers.

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