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The Luckiest Kittens In The World Survived Being Accidentally Shipped To San Diego

By | 2 Comments

Somehow, two kittens were boxed and shipped from L.A. to San Diego. Really.


Why A Dead Body Turned Up On The 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Set

By | 6 Comments

'The Avengers: Age Of Ultron' stumbled across a dead body while shooting. Here's what happened.


A Man Performing An Accidental C-Section On A Roadkill Porcupine Saved Its Baby

By | 5 Comments

In the weirdest news of the day, a quest for elusive "porcupine stomach minerals" leads to a baby porcupine. Makes sense.


Oh Sweet Irony: Homeopathic Remedies Recalled Because They Contained Medicine

By | 8 Comments

In the most deliciously ironic news of the day, the FDA has recalled several homeopathic remedies for containing real medicine.


Man Defends Ex-Wife's Honor Against The Zelda Master Sword

By | 8 Comments

A fellow in Katy, Texas got quite a surprise when he pulled a Zelda Master Sword during a fight, and discovered another Zelda fan in his opponent.


Meet The Florida Cop Who Figured Out How To Turn 911 Into His Own Personal Booty Call Service

By | 10 Comments

Florida. FLORIDA. The only state capable of one-upping "life imitates art" months before True Detective even started airing on HBO.


The Scourge Of SquAIDS: Town Gripped In Fear Of Squirrel AIDS Epidemic Prank

By | 7 Comments

It was only a matter of time before the SquAIDS came for us all. The Squaipocalypse has begun in New Jersey.


Cops Called Over Cosplayer’s Underboob. Did Somebody Say Underboob Appreciation Gallery?

By | 11 Comments

Some buzzkill prompted a police report over a cosplayer showing underboob in an accurate costume. Sounds like a good time for an underboob cosplay gallery.


Florida Man, The World's Worst Superhero, Is Now On Twitter

By | 3 Comments

A viral photo from Reddit is now a single-serving Twitter account aggregating news about the many failures of "Florida Man," the worst superhero.

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’30 Rock’ Already Took Care Of Your Rebranding, Bazooka


Bazooka just needs to start running this '30 Rock' clip, and it'll reverse their sales slide the American way. Using fear.


Police Called To Break Up The Cat Party (And Links)


Today's links, featuring the headline of the day, party cat, and Henri the Existential Cat's thoughts on Halloween.


GIF Reactions To Horrible News: The Winner Of A Bug-Eating Contest Dies

By | 13 Comments

Florida resident Edward Archbald collapsed shortly after winning a python in a bug-eating contest. This is tragic, and we deal with it by looking at GIFS.


Advice That Should Have Been Obvious: Don’t Drink Liquid Nitrogen

By | 13 Comments

A teenager in England celebrating her 18th birthday found out the hard way that novelty drinks made with liquid nitrogen are not to be trusted.


Hedge Fund Manager Repossesses Argentinian Navy’s Flagship


Because you can just totally take military equipment! That's totally allowed!


Meet Rachel, The Nice Lady From New York Who Tries To Explain Why She’s Camping At An Apple Store

By | 3 Comments

Sam Roberts interviewed people camping out to buy an Apple iPhone 5 in front of an Apple store in New York City. Rachel is our favorite.


SNIKT! Wannabe Wolverine Allegedly Attacks Best Friend For Allegedly Doing His Mom

By | 7 Comments

Wolverine claws, best friends fighting over the hotness of a mom, the mom trying to break up the fight, Utah... this story has everything!


Porn Addict Caught Breaking Into Houses To View Porn


Whatever happened to buying magazines at the gas station and ducking into the restroom?


Friday Nightmares Starring: The Giant New Zealand Weta

By | 3 Comments

So you know how earlier today you were concerned about those unpaid parking tickets and your winter heating bill.

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