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Heathrow Has To Hire Acrobats To Replace Its Lightbulbs

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Heathrow Airport's terminal five is so well-designed, they have to hire circus performers to replace their light bulbs. Yes, they're actually doing this.


A Brief History Of Crimes Discovered Via Google Maps


Theft, murder, and lots and lots and lots of nudity: Google Maps is pretty much us at our worst.


Three Diseases That Are Actually Cultural Memes

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Memes, it turns out, really can be diseases of the mind! O'Reilly was right!


Those Airline Giveaway Instagram Accounts? They're Fake.


Yes, those airline accounts trending on Instagram are pretty much crap. But at least they're quickly outed crap.


'Mortal Kombat' Banned In Australia, Again


You'd think a country full of terrifying creatures would have better things to do than tell people they can't play a silly fantasy fighting game, but apparently not: the reboot of "Mortal Kombat" was denied a classification by Australia's board of prudes.

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