Androids and iPhone Selling Faster Than Pretty Much Anything Else

Yeah, the future? It's happening, and happening without us noticing.

welcome to the future

Russians Just Transplated a Synthetic Larynx For the First Time


Russia is usually the land of insane politicians and bears.

welcome to the future

Today's Reminder We Live In the Future: Cyberwarfare Is Officially A Thing


Hey, remember when the military was really worried about cyberwarfare and how terrorist threats to America could totally, like, mess with us on computers.


Marvel Goes Digital Day-and-Date?!

So, when Image went day-and-date, I insisted that not every publisher would go day-and-date immediately, and, exact words, "Marvel will hold out to the bitter, bitter end." Guess we're at the bitter, bitter end, because Marvel just announced that they're going digital day-and-date.

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