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Wes Anderson Made A Really Awkward Joke About HFPA Members’ Names

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Foreign words are so hard to pronounce, am I right? Guys? Anybody there?

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If Wes Anderson Directed ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

By | 8 Comments

"A Magnificent Spectacle and Things of That Nature"


Wes Anderson May Return To Stop-Motion Animation For His Next Project

By | 10 Comments

Wes Anderson's next film will be inspired by a dead Italian guy you probably haven't heard of.


Meet The Couple Who Turned Their Pregnancy Announcement Into A Wes Anderson Movie

By | 22 Comments

A good-looking couple made a good-looking parody to celebrate their future (probably good-looking) child.


UCB’s ‘The Kid In Every Wes Anderson Movie’ is Pretty Accurate

By | 9 Comments

UCB's 'The Kid In Every Wes Anderson Movie' starring Matthew Starr explains everything you need to know about cigarettes and binoculars and girls wearing berets.


Check Out ‘The Grand Budapest’ Hotel Built Entirely Out Of Lego Bricks

By | 2 Comments

It took more than 575 hours and 50,000 LEGO bricks to put together this beauty.


The 10 Most Whimsical Wes Anderson Parodies On YouTube

By | 3 Comments

Check out the most whimsical Wes Anderson parodies on YouTube in honor of the director's birthday.


Someone Did The Opening Titles Of Forrest Gump In The Style Of Wes Anderson And It’s Kind of Genius

By | 5 Comments

What if Forrest Gump's opening titles had been done by Wes Anderson? That is a question this video tries to answer.


‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Surpasses $100 Million To Become Wes Anderson’s Highest-Grossing Movie

By | 9 Comments

'Grand Budapest Hotel' has now grossed more than $100 million worldwide. Somewhere, a tiny madras sport coat is covered in confetti.

where are they now?

The Cover Of Every Book Shown In 'Royal Tenenbaums,' Plus, A Dudley Update

By | 9 Comments

A Reddit user compiled all the book covers from The Royal Tenenbaums, and they're awesome.


Centered: A Wes Anderson Supercut Proves Wes Anderson Is Obsessed With Symmetry

By | 4 Comments

First Kubrick, now Wes Anderson, Vimeo user kogonada delivers a supercut of signature visual styles


Here Is Video Proof That Wes Anderson Actually Directs With A Scarf On

By | 13 Comments

Behind-the-scenes footage from 'Grand Budapest Hotel' proves that yes, Wes Anderson directs in a scarf.


The 8 Most Effectively Whimsical Songs In Wes Anderson Movies

By | 7 Comments

Come for the Wes Anderson, stay for the musical whimsy.


Ranking Wes Anderson’s Movies: A Definitive, Quantitative, Scientific Analysis

By | 92 Comments

We rank all of Wes Anderson's movies, including Grand Budapest Hotel. You can't argue with science.


Review: ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Is Wes Anderson’s Most Whimsical Contradiction

By | 99 Comments

Grand Budapest Hotel: simultaneously Wes Anderson's most sophisticated and his most immature work, his greatest visual achievement and his most irritating precious costume party circle jerk.

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