Just In Case You Weren’t Already Excited For ‘Interstellar,’ Here Are Some TV Spots

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'Interstellar' already looks good, but these spots make it look even better.


Check Out The Lovely Cast For Ryan Murphy’s HBO Sex Drama, ‘Open’

By | 25 Comments

Ryan Murphy's new drama, 'Open,' will explore sex and probably serial killers and stuff.


WATCH: Amanda Seyfried becomes a porn star in ‘Lovelace’

By | 11 Comments

You may remember a while back that Lindsay Lohan was supposedly attached to a biopic about Deepthroat porn star Linda Lovelace.


Meme Watch: Seneca Crane's Beard In 'The Hunger Games' Invalidates All Arguments

By | 2 Comments

[via] Was Seneca Crane's beard (aka FUTUREBEARD) your favorite part of The Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games trailer has Lenny Kravitz, creative facial hair

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I didn't read the books, so I don't know that much about The Hunger Games, directed by Pleasantville/Seabiscuit's Gary Ross, other than that Lionsgate wants it to become the next Twilight.

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