Wes Johnson

NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Minnesota Timberwolves


What can one say about the Minnesota Timberwolves that David Kahn already hasn't.


Fantasy Trade Analysis: Carmelo Anthony To The Knicks

By | 17 Comments

After months of speculation, we can purge ourselves and our Twitter feeds of the nauseating(ly named) "Melodrama.


LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh almost beat Bobcats by themselves

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There were a couple of sharks in the water in Charlotte last night, and neither one of them played for the home team.

Wes Johnson

Dime Q&A: Corey Brewer on Losing, Shopping & the Dunk of the Year

By | 6 Comments

While his team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, finished with the second-worst record in the NBA this past season, Corey Brewer is coming off his best pro campaign yet.


5 Best NBA Offseason Moves Nobody is Talking About

By | 14 Comments

Welcome to the first day of the rest of the NBA offseason.

Wes Johnson

The First Day of the Rest of Your NBA Career: 2010 NBA Draft

By | 26 Comments

Of all people, Lou Williams best summed up last night's NBA Draft and the surrounding, um, activities.

Wes Johnson

Last-minute rumors and trades before the 2010 NBA Draft

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Later on tonight, 60 ballplayers will live out a dream moment, while at least 60 more will feel the sting of getting pretty close to the dream but falling short.

Wes Johnson

Carlos Boozer’s impact on the NBA Draft’s Top 10 Picks

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While it seems every move that every NBA team plans to make this summer has something to do with LeBron -- from the Chris Paul trade rumors to (obviously) the Cavs' coaching search to even the Clippers' potential ownership change -- one man who could greatly impact the Top-10 of tomorrow's NBA Draft is Carlos Boozer.

Wes Johnson

Nets Will Make a Huge Mistake If They Pass on DeMarcus Cousins

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Almost every single NBA mock draft has the Nets taking Derrick Favors, with some recently putting Wesley Johnson into the No.


Chris Bosh wants A-List money

By | 21 Comments

Chris Bosh was supposed to go into this summer as the NBA's most sought-after sidekick, but CB4 wants to be treated like a go-to guy.

#LeBron James

Suns, Magic looking for answers; 2010 Rookies looking to impress

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By deciding to throw shade on Lamar Odom's increasingly beastly performance (18 ppg, 15 rpg) in the Western Conference Finals, Amar'e Stoudemire made himself an easy scapegoat for the struggling Suns.

Wes Johnson

Dime NBA Mock Draft, DeMarcus Cousins Drops to Golden State

By | 28 Comments

While last night's immediate Lottery fallout was all about the Washington Wizards and John Wall, now we can begin to get an idea of how the rest of the draft will play out after the top spot.

Willie Warren

NBA Draft Update: Wes Johnson, Devin Ebanks going pro; Willie Warren in trouble

By | 8 Comments

With the early-entry deadline for this year's NBA Draft getting closer, the list of underclassmen throwing their names in the hat is growing.

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