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7 Reasons Why The Blazers Are Serious NBA Finals Contenders

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As the calendar turns over to December and the snow begins to fall, a month of the NBA season has gone by just like that.


Wes Matthews Puts The Final Nail In Miami’s Coffin; Paul George And Indiana Shut Down New York


Portland fell into a lull for a quarter and a half -- usually a death knell against a team like Miami -- but still knocked off the Heat, 92-90, because they awoke twice at key moments to get back into position to stuff the champs at home.


Derrick Rose Destroys the Celtics, Bulls Own the East

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You know how when people are discussing NBA prospects like Jimemr Fredette and everyone – doesn't matter if it's an NBA TV talking head or your boy – always hits you with the "Who's he gonna guard in the NBA?" question.


NBA All-Star Rookie Challenge: Dime’s Live Blog

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Once upon a time, the NBA's All-Star Rookie Challenge was easy to call.

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Amar’e, Gallinari shoot New York past Miami; NBA All-Star starters

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On a night where everybody walked out of Madison Square Garden talking about The Miami locker room was, as expected, a zoo.


Spurs hang on to beat toughest rival; Cavs go from bad to worse

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Apparently the Timberwolves are to the Spurs what the Bobcats were to the Celtics a couple years ago.


Spurs stay on hot streak; UConn women’s streak snapped at 90

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No disrespect to Caron Butler -- who is one of our favorite guys to work with in the NBA and tougher than your first night in prison -- but at this stage in his career, if he is your primary scoring option against a team like the San Antonio Spurs you'll have to play an almost flawless game to win.


Rondo and KG connect to conquer Philly; Dwight Howard drops 39

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NBA League Pass junkies can testify this much about the Philadelphia 76ers: They're mostly brutal to watch.


Highlight Factory: Kobe Bryant and John Wall square off in L.A.

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One of the best-kept secrets of this young NBA season: Wizards games are sneaky exciting.


Hornets get owned by Spurs before getting owned by Stern

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The Spurs have worn a lot of labels over the years, but we can't recall a time -- even during the Stephen Jackson era -- when "explosive" was one of them.


Dwight Howard crushes injury-depleted Suns

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Could you, with a straight face, make an argument that Robin Lopez is more valuable to the Phoenix Suns than Steve Nash.


Step Your Game Up: The 5 Most Disappointing Teams in the NBA

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I'm sure we've all had teachers who cared enough to preach to us about doing better on tests and having the potential to succeed in a course if we only applied ourselves more.


Kobe Bryant Shears the Deer, Lakers avoid 3-game skid

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Two things had to happen for the Bucks to extend the Lakers' losing streak (they have those.


Westbrook outduels Miller; Knicks/Bulls renew the rivalry

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Evidence was building up for Russell Westbrook, if anything, to have a meltdown in crunch time rather than take over last night's Thunder/Blazers game.

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Jerry Sloan is unsure how he’ll replace Carlos Boozer

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With the NBA preseason underway and three weeks left until the regular season begins, now's the time when coaches start to decide which players will earn a starting spot or be moved to the bench.

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Portland Trail Blazers 2010-11 NBA Season Preview

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As NBA training camps get underway, we preview the upcoming season with the "Highs and Lows" system -- predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team.

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