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Setting the record straight on Deron Williams, Utah and Dallas

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Earlier this week, Dime's Andrew Macaluso wrote an opinion column -- and I should stress the word opinion -- about Deron Williams and the likelihood of him leaving Utah in 2012 for the Dallas Mavericks.

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Knicks hire Isiah, re-sign Jerome James, purchase Bad Idea Jeans

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If he keeps his two current jobs for a few years -- and if we've learned anything about Isiah Thomas, it's that he knows how to get (and stay) on his boss' good side -- then Zeke will eventually be the only college basketball coach in the country who can recruit the same superstars at least two different times.


The Next Step for Team USA

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Surprise: Kevin Durant was not among those cut from Team USA when Coach K brought out the axe yesterday.

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5 NBA Free Agency Moves That Need To Happen

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While the free-agent pool is dwindling down, there are still many serviceable players available on the market.

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The New King?

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Crazy how perception can change so quickly.


NBA Trade Rumor: Carlos Boozer to Orlando for Vince Carter

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After their season ended in disappointing fashion, Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith vowed that changes would be made, but also said he didn't foresee a major roster overhaul.


D-Wade, Chris Bosh prep for free agency tour; LeBron staying home

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We know which teams have the money, and we know which players they want.


Lakers, Magic working on sweeps

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And you thought the first round of the playoffs wasn't competitive enough.


Kobe Bryant wins Game 1, LeBron wins MVP 2, Atlanta wins Game 7

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All it took was one game to make the first round a memory.


Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry headline NBA All-Rookie Team

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Remember back when the 2009 NBA Draft class was almost universally panned as weak and top-heavy, with Blake Griffin pegged as the only player even resembling a future All-Star.

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10 Players Who Will Get Rich from the NBA Postseason

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File them in somewhere between Jerome James and LeBron James.

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Top 5 Second Round Steals

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When it comes down to analyzing past NBA Drafts, it's easy to look back in hindsight and say who should have been picked earlier.


Return of the Centaur

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Just two games on the NBA's Thanksgiving schedule: one matching up two Eastern Conference title contenders, the other matching up maybe the two most inconsistent-yet-dangerous squads in the League.

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5 Rookies That Demand More Attention

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Sports media lately has been hit by cupid's Italian love arrow with an over saturation of all things Brandon Jennings.

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Eric Maynor Is Quietly Dominating In Utah

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While struggling to understand why Matt Harpring was analyzing game tape on NBA TV this past weekend, it got me thinking about the Utah Jazz.


An Inconvenient Truth

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Ask anybody who knows anything about basketball which player they'd choose to build a team around long-term, and most likely they'll choose LeBron.

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