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The Sports WAG Feud That Absolutely Nobody Asked For: Linda Hogan Vs. Anna Welker

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This week has already been highlighted by “news” that includes people <a href="">accusing Beyonce of treason for lip-syncing the National Anthem</a>, Manti Te’o playing <a href="">the “What would you do?” game</a> with Katie Couric, and Sheryl Crow, of all people, <a href="">being dragged through the mud over Lance Armstrong</a> admitting that he used PEDs, so I think it’s safe to say that this is quite the slow news week.


Wes Welker Doing The Dougie Is Missing One Important Ingredient To Viral Success


Like <a href="" target="_blank">Jeremy Lin Does The Dougie</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">"Teach Me How To Gundy"</a> before it, this clip of Wes Welker, Patrick Willis and Larry Fitzgerald holding Dougie Dance-Offs at ProCamps youth football camps will be forever compared to that one time Kate Upton got bored at a basketball game and semi-Dougied on video.


Tom Brady Can’t Keep His Big Mouth Shut

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Normally, the New York sports media is the world’s greatest source for the most biased, sensationalized pseudo-journalism this side of, well, a sports blog.


Welker Regretful About Foot Stuff

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Patriots wideout Wes Welker was asked about <a href="">his notorious foot fetish press conference</a> on his way to his third Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

New England Patriots

Boston, NY Ready For Some ‘Foot’-ball

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By now, images of the <a href="">New York Post</a> and <a href="">Metro Boston</a> weekend covers are everywhere, and it's safe to say that both organizations have outdone themselves.



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A reader sent <a href="" target="_blank">Don Chavez</a> this picture of Wes Welker at the Kentucky Derby asking a photographer to check to see if any of his trademark grit has gotten between his teeth.

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