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Wrestling with Death Recap – Caskets and Hip Tosses


This week on Wrestling with Death, LaFonce mixes business with business and tries to recruit his son to the world of wrestling.

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Wrestling with Death Recap – Mousetraps and Concussions


The first two episodes of Wrestling with Death get the recap treatment. There's mousetraps and drag wrestling and concussions!

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LaFonce Latham Of ‘Wrestling With Death’ Wants To Wrestle Vince McMahon

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Wrestling with Death's LaFonce Latham, also known as Big Daddy, gave an interview where he said he wants to wrestle Vince McMahon

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‘Wrestling With Death’ Is The Best Mix Of Pro Wrestling And Undertakers Since The Undertaker

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Coming soon to your TV is Wrestling with Death, a series about a family of undertakers that also wrestles.


Stephanie McMahon Responds To A Question About CM Punk’s Future Like The Boss She Is

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Stephanie McMahon tries to promote important breast cancer awareness issue, still can't escape questions about CM Punk.


Watch This News Crew Get Distracted By The Incredible Hulk In Someone’s Backyard

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This poor homeowner, in addition to dealing with Illinois floods, will soon have General Ross on his case.


Why Was The Incredible Hulk At The Cubs Game Last Night?

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Why was the Hulk at the Cubs game and why was he catching foul balls?


‘Manhattan’ Is Riveting, Complicated And Enlightening Television

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A review of 'Manhattan,' a riveting new drama about the men and their families responsible for the creation of the atomic bombs.


Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Does The Weather

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In his least feats of sheer awesomeness, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/music/2011/09/wilcos-jeff-tweedy-pwns-the-black-eyed-peas/">pwned the Black Eye Peas</a> and<a href="http://www.uproxx.com/music/2011/09/wilco-played-letterman-last-night-then-performed-an-hour-long-concert-for-the-audience/"> played a one-hour concert for Letterman's audience</a> after a taping of the show.


Penguin with a Penguin Backpack

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When the Japanese aren't busy penguin backpack on his trips to the fish market.



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Here's video of WGN (of Chicago, duh) sports anchor Pat Tomasulo dunking on a small child and then taunting him until he cries (via <a href="http://www.mouthpiecesports.com/blog/2009/06/09/wgn-reporter-dunks-on-kid-feels-so-powerful/">Mouthpiece Sports</a>).

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Many of you are likely familiar with WGN's 2007 interview with Tracy Morgan (video after the jump) in which the "30 Rock" actor loses his shirt, riffs on Star Jones and Oprah, and climbs on top of the news desk and impersonates a pregnant woman.

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