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Know What Sucks About Diving With Whales? Being Sucked Into A Whale Poop Whirlpool


Not only are whales no longer cool, but chocolate milk is off the menu and 'Free Willy' is ruined.

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An Icelandic Brewery Is Making A Beer Flavored With Endangered Whale Testicles


Soon you will be able to purchase an Icelandic beer made with the cured testicles of the endangered fin whale. Hooray for you.


A Brave Idiot Surfed Atop A Dead Whale While Surrounded By Hungry Sharks


There are a lot of dumb-dumbs in the world, but this guy might be the king of the idiots.


The Mayor Of A Town In Canada Tried To Sell A Dead Sperm Whale On eBay


After a dead sperm whale showed up on a beach in Newfoundland, the people are doing anything they can to get rid of its stinking corpse.


Huge Humpback Whale Slaps Cameraman

This is what it looks like when a giant humpback whale delivers a solid smack to the face (and camera) of a diver.


Divers Come Within Feet of Getting Eaten by Whales

A pair of giant humpback whales pop up for lunch, nearly swallowing two divers in the process.


Drowning Whale Saved by Brave Fisherman

Adrian Colaprete dives into the ocean to within feet of a drowning northern right whale -- an endangered species -- and cuts it free from fishing rope with a knife, capturing everything using a head-cam.


Killer Whale Steals Fish Off Line

A couple of fishermen are caught by surprise when an orca comes out of nowhere to snag their halibut.


Clever Otter Jumps into Small Boat

A mother otter avoids being eaten by a group of killer whales by jumping into a small boat.


Humpback Whale Startles Kayaker

A relaxing day of kayaking in Port San Luis turns into an up close encounter with a giant humpback whale.


Amazing Up-Close Whale Breach

A humpback whale breaches high and fast just a few feet from the boat during a halibut fishing charter off the coast of Tofino.


Was Anyone There A Marine Biologist?


Locals and wildlife nerds are baffled today as they try to determine the cause of death for a gray whale that recently washed ashore in Camano Island, Washington.


Wales And Whales Just Wanna Say Hi

Watch A Bunch Of Dogs Experience Sunlight And Grass For The First Time |UPROXX| Stanley From ‘The Office’ Has A Music Video, Your World Is Forever Turned Upside Down |UPROXX| R.


Meme Watch: The iPhone Whale


If you haven't spent much time on Reddit lately, you may have missed out on the explosion of "iPhone whale" related pictures there since SweetAlmighty posted the picture above in r/funny two days ago with the title "Life of a Whale Biologist.

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