Josh Hartnett Claims He Turned Down Batman, Superman And Spider-Man

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In an interview with Details, Josh Hartnett says that early in his career, he had his pick of any superhero role that he wanted.


Tom Hiddleston Auditioned For The Role Of Thor, And The Footage Is Amazing

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Tom Hiddleston was nearly the God of Thunder. Seriously. We've got proof.

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We Nearly Had A CGI ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Movie

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The Legend of Zelda nearly made it to the silver screen, in CGI form.


Jurassic Park 4 Almost Had Dinosaur-Human Hybrids That Shot Guns and Fought Crime

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The Jurassic Park franchise had pretty much run its course by 2001's Jurassic Park III, and since Hollywood is incapable of letting a franchise die, it was in serious need of a reinvention if there was going to be a fourth movie, which of course there was.

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Arnold originally thought “I’ll be back” was “too feminine”

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Whether it's Eric Stoltz playing Marty McFly or Han Solo telling Princess Leia "I love you too," it's always weird to hear how iconic movies might have been different if things hadn't turned out exactly the way they did.

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Video: Eric Stoltz was the original Marty McFly in Back to the Future

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Here's something you probably didn't know unless you're a huge nerd (my term for people that know something I didn't):  Marty McFly in Back to the Future was originally played by Eric Stoltz.

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