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Li Hongbo’s ‘Marble’ Sculptures Are Actually Giant Paper Slinkies


Li Hongbo seemingly just copies classic sculpture... until you grab one of his sculptures and pull.

ASL interpreter

The Sign Language Interpreter At Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Was Signing Gibberish


Imagine being home, watching a live program in a foreign language and the program’s interpreter speaking nonsensical bullsh*t.


Meet The Florida Woman Who Married Her Longtime Love… A Ferris Wheel Named Bruce

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On the latest edition of Logo TV's 'WHAT!?' documentary series, a Florida woman renewed her wedding vows with a ferris wheel named Bruce.


Here’s A Hamster Driving A Semi, Courtesy Of Volvo

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Volvo decided to re-enact 'The Wages of Fear' with a hamster steering the truck.


AT&T Is Charging You An Extra Sixty-One Cents For Some Reason

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As of May 1st, AT&T subscribers had to fork over an "administrative fee". But what are you actually paying for?


The Original iPhone Is Officially Obsolete

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Years after it was actually obsolete, somebody at Apple saw 'Old Yeller' and has decided to do the right thing to the original iPhone.


Politician Believes Cell Phone Gun Exists

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In the mind of one state politician, the cell phone gun exist and must be protected against. Errrrr...what?


Science Invents Ear Rogaine, May Have Just Cured Hearing Loss


Science takes some time away from its usual ridiculousness to do something useful and invent a potential hearing loss cure.


Jaguar > Tiger

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In this post, you learn that a man in a 90s-themed plush jaguar costume wearing sunglasses and pawprint shorts is better at sports than you.


Universal Is Rebooting "Van Helsing" Because It's Literally Out of Ideas

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Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the big star screenwriters in Hollywood right now, because apparently once you write a really, really stupid movie that makes lots of money, you instantly know everything about screenwriting.


The PS3 Will Edit Video Because…?

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You know, of all the functionalities that could be added to a game console, we're pretty sure the ability to edit video is the last one that anybody was clamoring for.



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I hope this catches on because I would like to see a film about the origins of this "sport":Perhaps you've overheard this conversation at your local tavern or even had it yourself: "Oh my God, ohmyGod, OHMYGOD.

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