Wheatley From ‘Portal 2′ Fits Into The ‘Halo’ Series A Little Too Well

There are some surprising parallels between two balls of artificial intelligence with homicidal tendencies: Wheatley (Portal 2) and 343 Guilty Spark (Halo).


Guess Which ‘Portal 2′ Character Is Going To SPAAAACE


An anonymous NASA engineer sneaked an engraving of a 'Portal 2' character onto a panel now en route to the International Space Station. SPAAAACE.


Valve Calls Half-Life 3 Rumors “Trolling”. UMADBRO?

Ever since a purported employee of Valve wore a Half-Life 3 T-shirt to a game developer event, rumors have circulated that Valve would announce HL3 soon or release an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) campaign.


Portal 2’s Wheatley Would Have Accepted VGA From SPAAAACE

Earlier this month, Wheatley from Portal 2 was nominated for a Video Game Award from Spike in the "Character Of The Year" category, so Valve made this video voiced by Stephen Merchant, which some fans interpreted as a convoluted hint about Half-Life 3.

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