These Three Contestants Combined For An Awful 2-Minute Stretch On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

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Nobody wanted to get this Wheel of Fortune puzzle, least of all Dan, who forgets how to play the game.

wheel of fortune stupid

Here’s A Reminder That People On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Are Kinda Dumb

By | 17 Comments

A new season of Wheel of Fortune means all new clips from people screwing up easy puzzles.


This Is What It’s Like To Win $1 Million On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

By | 13 Comments

A math teacher became the third person in the show's history to take home the grand prize.


Someone At Alabama Needs A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Tutorial

By | 11 Comments

You can always count on Bama fans for some offseason hilarity.


This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Answer Was So Bad That It Didn’t Even Make Sense

By | 17 Comments

A contestant on 'Wheel of Fortune' should have offered the obvious correct answer, but instead went with something incredibly wrong.


Pat Sajak Had Some Harsh Words For ‘Global Warming Alarmists’ On Twitter

By | 84 Comments

Pat Sajak is quite the force on Twitter, denying climate change in between pics of food and 'Wheel of Fortune' jokes.


Pat Sajak Is A Big Ole Grump Today

By | 19 Comments

Pat Sajak must be having a bad day. That's the only explanation for him lashing out at a waiter on Twitter.


Another Night, Another Terribly Hilarious ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Answer

By | 24 Comments

Let's all offer our condolences to poor Rachel, who became the latest 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant to make a bonehead mistake.


The Guy Who Lost $1 Million On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Is Totally Chill

By | 12 Comments

Julian is really chill about the fact that he lost $1 million on "Wheel of Fortune."


Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Amazing 'Wheel Of Fortune' Ending

By | 46 Comments

A contestant named Emil solved the final 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle with only two letters on the board. Emil is a wizard.


Last Night’s ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Featured A ‘Fast And Furious’ Puzzle

By | 20 Comments

"Wheel of Fortune" and Pat Sajak have expressed regret after airing a "Fast And Furious" puzzle days after Paul Walker's death.

#jimmy fallon

‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Who Missed Out On A Million Bucks Gets A Second Chance On Fallon

By | 8 Comments

Pat Atkinson lost a chance at a million dollars on "Wheel Of Fortune" when he mispronounced "corner curio cabinet." Jimmy Fallon helps him redeem himself.


Someone Won $1 Million On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ For Only The Second Time Ever

By | 9 Comments

A contestant won $1 million on "Wheel of Fortune," but something seems fishy.


A Florida Woman Named Ashley Burns Won Big On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

By | 17 Comments

After winning $23,000 on Wheel of Fortune, a Florida woman with a very familiar name used a watch party to raise money for charity.

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