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Where Are The Stars Of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Twenty Years After The Movie?

By | 7 Comments

There may be a 'Mrs. Doubtfire' sequel. What are the stars of the first movie up to now?


The Cover Of Every Book Shown In 'Royal Tenenbaums,' Plus, A Dudley Update

By | 9 Comments

A Reddit user compiled all the book covers from The Royal Tenenbaums, and they're awesome.


Buff Bagwell Is A Gigolo In Atlanta Now

By | 36 Comments

Former pro wrestler Buff Bagwell is currently working for a male escort service in Atlanta and has been featured on the Showtime series 'Gigolos.'


8 Long, Lost Celebrities Who Turned Up In The Weirdest Places

By | 9 Comments

Famous people often turn up in the strangest places. These celebrities became famous again in some truly bizarre ways.


Awkward Schmawkward, Jennifer Lawrence Was Cute in Middle School Too

By | 40 Comments

A Reddit user posted a picture of Jennifer Lawrence as a 14-year-old middle schooler in Louisville, Kentucky. And she was just as cute then.


Where Are They Now? The Deliverance Banjo Boy at 56.

By | 12 Comments

Rabun County, Georgia resident Billy Redden was 15 when he was discovered at a casting call in Clayton, Georgia and offered the part of the inbred banjo-playing boy in the 1972 Burt Reynolds sodomy classic Deliverance.


Queen of Versailles Update: These two dicks haven’t learned anything

By | 27 Comments

When I <a href="" target="_blank">reviewed Queen of Versailles</a> last July, one of the things that struck me about it, aside from the unintentional humor (favorite line "I didn't even know we had a lizard"), was the way the couple at the center of it, the Siegels, actually came off fairly sympathetic.


Dumb & Dumber’s Blind Kid Billy is All Growed Up for Sequel

By | 22 Comments

Do you remember the blind kid from Dumb and Dumber, Billy in 4C, who Harry sold a dead parakeet.


Hey, remember Rae Dawn Chong? Well, She Called Oprah a Field N___. Huh.

By | 33 Comments

I have no idea how it started, but Rae Dawn Chong has been a FilmDrunk comments meme for about <a href="" target="_blank">as long</a> as I can <a href="" target="_blank">remember</a>, so I always get a little excited when her name comes up in real life.


Rick Moranis’s New Album Comes With a Limited Edition Yarmulke

By | 20 Comments

[<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] Rick Moranis is one of those guys like Sinbad, who, when his name comes up, it's usually to ask "Hey, what ever happened to Rick Moranis.

where are they now?

Ranking The Careers Of ‘Jurassic Park’ Cast Members From Best To Worst

By | 36 Comments

It's been 20 years since Jurassic Park first hit theaters and this weekend it will return to the box office in 3-effing-D. We're all getting old.


Manny from Scarface got a DUI

By | 21 Comments

I didn't know how else to write this headline, but I don''t want to shame every struggling actor who screws up.


Balloon Boy Is Now The Frontman For A Metal Band

By | 2 Comments

Remember Balloon Boy? Well he's now fronting a metal band. Our Balloon Boys grow up so fast in America!


The Sherminator is a Sushi Waiter in Los Angeles

By | 27 Comments

It would be less mentally taxing for all of us if after achieving novelty fame for a bit role in a hit show or movie, actors could just vaporize, saving us the cognitive dissonance of ever having to reconcile them with their characters, but unfortunately for us, they usually have to on living, with all the growing up, getting married, becoming Scientologists, or working normal jobs that that might entail.


That Kid You Don't Remember from 'Small Wonder' Is Homeless Now

By | 17 Comments

I watched a lot of "Small Wonder" when I was a kid, but I have only the vaguest recollection of Jerry Supiran, the kid who played the young Lawson son on the show.


We Said, 'Jump!' A Tribute To The Film Careers Of The Original Stars Of 21 Jump Street

By | 17 Comments

If you’re a child of the late 80s/early 90s like me, then you’re fortunate enough to remember 1987, or as I like to call it – the year that changed TV forever.


Jon Stewart moshing to Dead Kennedys in the 80s

By | 16 Comments

I usually don't post on Fridays after Weekend Movie Guide goes up, and I usually leave the Jon Stewart stuff to the TV bloggers, but I couldn't not post this.


The chick from Blair Witch deals pot now

By | 17 Comments

Back in 1999, Heather Donahue starred as "chick with a hat" in The Blair Witch Project, the indie-horror found-footage runaway success with the timeless message that you should never let a chick navigate.


The chick from Hairspray works at shoe store now

By | 36 Comments

Nikki Blonsky, sassy sugar dumplin of pure cheerfulness and star of Adam Shankman's unwatchable* hit film Hairspray, went on to guest roles on various shows, eventually toplining an ultimately-failed weight-loss camp comedy for ABC Family, Huge.

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