Should I Be Angry Over A Kickstarter? Here’s A Useful Guide.


Hint: If you didn't get ripped off by a Kickstarter, you probably shouldn't be.


Apple Fans Tremble In Fear That Apple Employees May Try To Sell Them Things In Apple Stores


Oh no! Where will they hang out to show their impeccable taste in Apple products? Oh, wait, Starbucks, problem solved.


Wal-Mart Wants You To Pay Sales Taxes When You Buy From Amazon


And we thought Sergey Brin had a massive pair on him; today it's been revealed that the Alliance for Main Street Fairness, which consists of mom-and-pop shops like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Sears, is whining to the federal government about how AMAZON DOESN'T HAVE TO COLLECT SALES TAX AND THAT'S NOT FAAAAAA-AAAAAIRRRR, and they're doing it by.


Ex-Apple Engineer Gets Publicity Out Of Whining On Twitter

We're amazed the corpse was actually allowed to cool before this happened, but now that Steve Jobs is dead, people are bitching about how, like, he totally wouldn't have done the things that they don't like in new Apple products.


Europe Somehow Missed Facebook’s Anti-Privacy Attitude

Everyone knows how annoying Facebook can be.


Google+Your World Brings On World Of Butthurt

Recently, Google debuted a new service that lets you search "global" results, or search within Google Plus and Picasa -- aka the toggle that nobody is actually going to use -- because everybody wants global results and nobody posts to Google Plus anyway.

#video games

“I Am Alive” Nontroversy Lights Up the Internet, Is Stupid


So, as you may be somewhat aware, possibly from an angry tweet about how Ubisoft doesn't care about PC gamers or butthurt forum trolls, Ubisoft's upcoming and extremely interesting "I Am Alive" is quite possibly not hitting PCs because, shockingly, Ubisoft is concerned about piracy and sales.


Netflix Raises Prices, Entire Internet Cries


As you've no doubt heard, Netflix has decided to separate the business where it physically mails people DVDs from the business that streams content on the Internet and will still be relevant in, oh, five years.



Well tanks fer nuttchin'.

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