The ‘West Wing’ Cast Reunited Again For The White House’s ‘Big Block Of Cheese Day’ Video

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The cast of 'The West Wing' reunites to promote the White House's Big Block of Cheese Day in a new video.


Video: Aaron Brooks Selfies At The White House


The Bulls play the Wizards tonight, which means President Barack Obama had his hometown team stop by the White House to check out his digs on Thursday night.

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Jenna Bush Says She Engaged In Some ‘Hanky Panky’ On The White House Roof

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So Jenna Bush "got it on" on the White House roof. Ok, fine, it was just some hanky panky.

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The White House Was Evacuated After A Man Jumped The Fence And Managed To Make It Inside

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A man hopped the fence at The White House and managed to make it inside before being stopped by Secret Service.


A Toddler Managed To Squeeze Through The Fence At The White House

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How many people will worry about terrorist trained babies making their way through the gates at famous landmarks now?


This Is What It Looks Like When Obama Takes A Stroll To Meet Random People

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Instead of going directly to the Department of the Interior, President Obama decided to walk around and talk to some random people.


The Street Artist Who Had A Painting Hung In The White House Maybe Confessed To Rape On A Podcast

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Shock graffiti artist David Choe pretty much admitted to raping a masseuse in a recent installment of the podcast he co-hosts with porn star Asa Akira.

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The White House Finally Responded To The Petition To Deport Justin Bieber

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The White House finally responded to the petition to deport Justin Bieber and the answer will probably disappoint someone.


The White House Is Not Cool With David Ortiz’s Selfie Being Used By Samsung


After Samsung took credit for the selfie David Ortiz took with President Obama, the White House legal counsel took matters into its own hands.


Jonny Gomes's White House Blazer Game Is A Star-Spangled A+++


Boston Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes wore a star-spangled blazer to the White House to meet President Obama today.


David Ortiz Took A Selfie With President Obama Because He Can

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While the Red Sox were being honored at the White House, World Series MVP David Ortiz took a selfie with President Obama.

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The White House Must Now Respond To The Online Petition To Deport Justin Bieber

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Over 100,000 people signed a petition to deport Canada's worst export since Nickelback, Justin Bieber.

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Michelle Obama’s Wicked Slam Dunk Has Taken The Internet By Storm

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The Miami Heat offered an endorsement for the Let's Move! program while Michelle Obama showed off her nasty slam dunk skills.


A White House Staffer Has Been Busted For Being A Secret Twitter Troll

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Jofi Joseph just burned his career to the ground, thanks to Twitter.


Someone Started A White House Petition To Require Licenses For Operating TV Remotes


As dumb and meaningless as many of them are, I do not ever get tired of a good White House petition, especially when it would be a complete waste of our already inept government’s time and would, therefore, make Ron Swanson nod in approval.


The World Champion St. Louis Cardinals Visited The White House

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As I pointed out last week, President Barack Obama just loves having sports champions visit him at the White House, so it came as no surprise when the St.


American Presidents Sure Do Love Hosting Championship Sports Teams

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When the NBA lockout stretched into what would have been the first week of the season, I’m sure not many of the Dallas Mavericks players were concerned about whether or not they’d be able to visit the White House to celebrate their 2010-11 NBA Championship with President Barack Obama.


Shaq Not Big Enough To Meet President Obama

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Shaquille O'Neal has been in Washington D.

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