Lee Corso On A Duck Is Simply Amazing

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Yesterday, the fine folks at ESPN proved that they're capable of more than throwing large sums of money at Skip Bayless to pretend that he knows about sports, when they posted the above picture to the College GameDay Facebook page.


Here’s A Controversy That Is Totally Stupid

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One of my favorite things in sports is when athletes make jokes in their postgame or practice press conferences and reporters either don’t get them or they do get them but still turn them into mini controversies for the sake of slow news days.


The Terrific Adventures Of White Sammy Sosa

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Forgive the grainy nature of the photo -- it's courtesy of TMZ, so I'm lucky there isn't a huge T over Sammy Sosa's face.

#Jay Z

Morning Links: So Hurricane Irene Wasn’t That Bad, I Guess

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Links 25 Idiots Who Blamed Hurricane Irene on Gay Marriage - The only gay person responsible for a hurricane is Pat Patterson.


The Terrific Adventures Of White Michael Vick

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Yesterday, the above image was published by ESPN for the article, “What if Michael Vick Were White?” which appears in the Sept.

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