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Someone In Ohio Is Posting Flyers For A ‘Straight White Guy Festival’

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While it's probably a hoax, someone in Clintonville, Ohio has been posting flyers for a Straight White Guy Festival on September 20.

white people

A Virginia Man Is Claiming Land In Sudan For His ‘Princess’ Daughter

By | 12 Comments

A man in Virginia claimed land in Sudan because he wants his daughter to believe she's a princess, or something awful.


A ‘Skinny White Girl’ Had An Existential Crisis While Doing Yoga With A Black Woman

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A white girl did yoga with a black woman. You won't believe what happens next. Oh wait, yes you will: she wrote an essay that's pretty darn racist.

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Mitt Romney Attempting To Dance ‘Gangnam Style’? Mitt Romney Attempting To Dance ‘Gangnam Style’.

By | 4 Comments

Here is Mitt Romney doing a little jig. And they say that white people can't dance!

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Grayson Allen Won A Dunk Contest By Jumping Over Four Tall Guys

By | 2 Comments

Duke commit Grayson Allen won a Myrtle Beach dunk contest by clearing four 6-foot-8 players in a single dunk.


Fox News Host Megyn Kelly To America’s Children: Santa Claus Is White, And So Was Jesus

By | 165 Comments

Just so we're clear, Megyn Kelly wants you to know that it's "a verifiable fact" that Jesus and Santa are white. Got it? Good.

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The Ultimate White People Dancing Compilation


The funniest clips of white people "dancing" -- all in one video.

#Viral Videos

Here’s A Hip-Hop-Themed Pregnancy Announcement That Parodies A Car Commercial Made By White People

By | 5 Comments

The words 'hip-hop pregnancy announcement' really should have been your first clue this was a bad idea.

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Kevin Love Won The NBA White Guy Award

By | 3 Comments

Minnesota Timberwolves player Kevin Love won the NBA's "makes the most with limited natural ability" aka the White Guy award for the second year in a row.


Somebody’s Gonna Kick Somebody Else’s Ass Over Men’s Slow Pitch Softball

By | 2 Comments

A men's USSSA B World Tournament slow pitch softball game turned violent with a bench clearing brawl and lots of fat, dirty bellies.


Finally, An NC State And Scotty McCreery Cover Of ‘Wagon Wheel’

By | 6 Comments

My father and I have a longstanding, generation-gap-fueled argument about the song 'Wagon Wheel.


John Travolta: Ruining Alcohol (And Brazil) The Same Way He Ruined Christmas

By | 9 Comments

Former Hollywood person-of-note John Travolta makes an appearance in a Brazilian rum commercial, and it is gloriously insane.

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Braveheart MMA Is Weird And Exactly What It Sounds Like

By | 5 Comments

Crazy assholes have been trying to organize sports around team MMA for a while now -- see also <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/11/beercup-is-supposed-to-be-a-soccermma-hybrid-but-its-mostly-just-assholes-hurting-each-other" target="_blank">'Beercup,' the MMA/soccer hybrid</a> -- but no attempt has been as gloriously perfect and off-center as BRAVEHEART MMA.

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Exceedingly White Postal Service Fans Are Confused By Big Freedia Serving As The Band’s Opening Act

By | 46 Comments

New Orleans Bounce queen Big Freedia is opening for the Postal Service on their current tour. White people mass confusion has ensued.

white people

Random Middle-Aged White Lady: Waka Flocka Flame And His Music Changed My Life

By | 3 Comments

What if your mom became a huge fan of Waka Flocka Flame and the Brick Squad Monopoly? IT COULD HAPPEN!

white people

Gwyneth Paltrow Would Like To Sell You A $950 Shot Glass & A $500 Jigger On Her Goop Website

By | 13 Comments

In the need of home bar equipment? Well, Gwyneth Paltrow has everything you need. Just call your bank and raise your credit limit first!


Former Bush Spokeswoman & Fox News Contributor Dana Perino Killed Rap Music Today

By | 52 Comments

Here's extremely white Fox News contributor and former Bush White House spokeswoman Dana Perino destroying rap music once and for all.


It's Friday So Here's A GIF Tribute To Heroic Girls With Hula Hoops

By | 14 Comments

One of the best perks of this gig, behind only working in my underwear and making Photoshops of Channing Tatum, is that people often send me very strange links, images and videos under the assumption that I’m into that kind of stuff.

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