A Brooklyn ‘Kids Salon’ Is Being Trolled With The Most Vulgar Wi-Fi Name Ever

By | 12 Comments

A decent argument for why all wi-fi names should be assigned.

One Does Not Simply Steal Internet: A Collection Of Wi-Fi Names We'd Never Connect To

By | 20 Comments

A list of 15 wi-fi names we'd never ever think about trying to log-in with.

Google Will Provide Free Wi-Fi For An Entire NYC Neighborhood


I don't know about you, but I'd sure as hell consider moving to a neighborhood that had free wi-fi wherever I went. Hell, that'd be AWESOME!


Tourists in Israel Get Wi-Fi Via Donkeys


An Israeli tourist attraction designed to immerse tourists in a biblical experience has found a way to keep visitors connected by outfitting its donkeys with wireless routers.


Hey Fans of Internet on the Toilet — Scientists Manage to Make Wi-Fi 20 Times Faster

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Good news for all of you out there using wireless Internet (which is pretty much everyone under the age of 40 these days) -- Japanese scientists have found a way to make Wi-Fi over 20-times faster than the fastest current connections.


Step Aside Cash-For-Gold, Now There's Wi-Fi For Dog Poo

By | 3 Comments

Now you're also a free Wi-Fi factory, little buddy.



By | 4 Comments

Another thing I can't live without premiered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (video below).

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