‘TL;DR Wikipedia’ Is The Brutally Honest Wikipedia We Didn’t Know We Needed

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'TL;DR Wikipedia' is a parody that takes the laborious reading out of Wikipedia entries, because there has to be an easier way.


Wikipedia Fanatic Commissions A Jimmy Wales Penis-Painting, Because Wikipedia Fanatics Are F-ing Weird

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Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has been painted with a Johnson because he thinks you shouldn't upload dick pics to Wikipedia. Seriously.


The Robert Morris Wikipedia Page Is Finally Awesome


In case you haven't heard, 8th-seed Robert Morris University knocked off the defending national champion Kentucky Wildcats, 59-57, in the first round of the National Invitational Tournament.


Brandon Knight’s Career Will Never Be The Same Thanks To DeAndre Jordan

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By now you’ve probably seen it, DeAndre Jordan’s life-altering dunk on Brandon Knight in last night’s ridiculous 129-97 Los Angeles Clippers victory over the Detroit Pistons.


A Brief History Of Timothy Olyphant’s TV Guest Appearances

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In the spirit of Timothy Olyphant's Archer appearance, let's review real life Raylan Givens' underrated history of TV guest spots.

actually useful websites

Wikipedia Founds Wikivoyage, Your Crowdsourced Travel Guide


Come along and ride on a Wikivoyage. OK, we're done quoting Coolio lyrics. But the site looks pretty good.


Human Wikipedia


Steve Ellison has a rare gift: He can remember the birth year and death year of any famous person in history.


Here’s A Bad Idea: A Soccer Organization Calling Middle Eastern People ‘Sand Monkeys’

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<a href="" target="_blank">Burnsy</a> sent me this story in an e-mail this morning.


At Long Last, Wikipedia Has A Bribery Scandal

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Apparently Wikipedia editors will actually be tempted by money, after all.


Wikipedia: Phillip Roth Doesn't Know Anything About His Books


What the hell do you know about your own books, Phillip Roth! We're Wikipedia! We know better than you!


8 Places You Probably Don’t Remember Seeing Jeremy Renner

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Throughout the course of Jeremy Renner's Clooney-lite career (seven cancelled TV series by my count) he's left quite a trail that will totally make it easier to take him seriously as a super secret agent this weekend. Promise.


Got A Problem With James Dolan? Screw With His Band’s Wikipedia Page

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As I updated in yesterday’s post about <a href="">Carmelo Anthony hoping the New York Knicks would keep Jeremy Lin</a> – presumably while making a dismissive wanking motion – the Knicks did not match the offer sheet that Lin signed with the Houston Rockets and he is, in fact, heading back to the same team that booted him last year.


Dolphins Fans Are Doing The Occupy Thing

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Yesterday we touched on <a href="">the fury of a growing number of Miami Dolphins fans</a> with the team’s GM Jeff Ireland, and how the first step in this united fan coup was roughing up the guy’s Wikipedia page.


The Miami Dolphins Are A Laughing Stock

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, injecting my personal sports allegiances into this general sports humor site, Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland (above L) is a walking disaster.


Wikipedia Goes Dark, Uninformed Masses Freak Out

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In case you were wondering, <a href="">Wikipedia</a>, <a href="">Reddit</a> and <a href="">Boing Boing</a> all followed through with <a href="">their promise to go dark in</a> protest of the, as Charles Barkley would say, TURRIBLE Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).


Reddit, Wikipedia, Boing Boing Will All Go Dark Tomorrow To Protest SOPA

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Despite the fact that the festering port-o-potty of a piracy prevention bill -- the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) -- <a href="">is effectively dead</a>, Wikipedia, Reddit and <a href="">Boing Boing</a> are <a href="">all going forward with plans to go dark tomorrow</a>.


25 Wikipedia Personal Appeal Juxtapositions That Bring The Lulz

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Ever since <a href="" target="_blank">Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia relaunched</a> their personal appeals pledge drive I've had humorous juxtaposition screengrab after humorous juxtaposition screengrab pop on my radar on a daily basis.


Wales And Whales Just Wanna Say Hi


Watch A Bunch Of Dogs Experience Sunlight And Grass For The First Time |<a href="" target="blank">UPROXX</a>| Stanley From ‘The Office’ Has A Music Video, Your World Is Forever Turned Upside Down |<a href="" target="blank">UPROXX</a>| R.

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