Take A Look At Vincenzo Natali’s Concept Art For The Aborted ‘Neuromancer’ Film


William Gibson's 'Neuromancer' film has changed hands, but 'Cube' and 'Hannibal' director Vincenzo Natali is giving us a look at what could have been.

Sci Fi

‘Neuromancer’ Will Supposedly Be Adapted By The Chinese, Now


'Neuromancer,' a movie that's spent thirty years in development hell, is now being made by the Chinese. Well, in theory, anyway.

x files

No One Knew What A Website Was When ‘The X-Files’ Started


An X-Files episode about a haunted website was scrapped because show creators feared not enough people would know what the hell a website is.

The Matrix

Check Out These 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Matrix’

To celebrate the return of The Wachowskis to theaters with 'Jupiter Ascending,' Cinefix has compiled 7 facts about 'The Matrix.'

william gibson

Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson May Bring ‘Neuromancer’ Back From The Dead

Vincenzo Natali's adaptation of 'Neuromancer' may be back from development hell, assuming Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson take their offered roles.


Warren Ellis Writes Comic About Augmented Reality In Invisible Ink

SVK is a new one-shot from Warren Ellis and Matt "D'Israeli" Brooker (along with London design firm BERG).

william gibson

Natali the Latest To Not Make Neuromancer


"Neuromancer" is a science fiction classic, if not an outright classic.

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