It’s Canada Day! Celebrate Our Neighbors Up North With This Batch Of SECRET History & Totally True Facts!

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Here's the REAL history of Canada Day, as well as LITERALLY MIND-BLOWING fascinating facts about our neighborly neighbors to the north!

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LeVar Burton’s ‘Reading Rainbow Live!’ Guests Will Include Patrick Stewart And William Shatner

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LeVar Burton is bringing out the heavy-hitter "Star Trek" guest stars to try to reach his latest "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter goal.


William Shatner Responded Adorably To An Overzealous Fan On ‘The Opie And Anthony Show’

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William Shatner reacted perfectly to a 'Star Trek' superfan's pestering while visiting 'The Opie and Anthony Show' this week.

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William Shatner’s ‘Ponder The Mystery’ Music Video Is The Spiritual Sequel To ICP’s ‘Miracles’

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Someone's going to have to explain William Shatner's "Ponder the Mystery" to me.


Captain Kirk And Crew Watch Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance


Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise crew come across Miley Cyrus' VMA performance, and all hell breaks loose.

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William Shatner’s 10 Best ACTING GIFs From ‘Star Trek’

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A collection of the best William Shatner ACTING GIFs from "Star Trek."

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Captain Kirk’s Phaser Is Worth More Than Your House


The first phaser to be prominently featured on the original Star Trek TV series has been sold...


William Shatner Calls Out Reddit For 'Horrifically Racist, Sexist, Homophobic' Content

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William Shatner did a Reddit AMA recently, and came back later to blast the site for allowing " immature, horrifically racist, sexist, homophobic" posts.


IKEA Monkey, Grumpy Cat, A Dog Teaching A Puppy How To Climb Stairs, And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring IKEA Monkey versus Grumpy Cat, IKEA Monkey versus William Shatner, and a dog teaching a puppy to go down stairs.


An Astronaut Has The Best Twitter Response To William Shatner Ever

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Commander Chris Hadfield is on Twitter while in space... and he has something to say to William Shatner.


Colbert and Shatner Explain the Obama Gay Martian Conspiracy


Stephen Colbert recruits William Shatner to help explain the theory that Barack Obama was involved in a top secret program to teleport people to mars.


Colbert, With Help From William Shatner, Explains The Hot New Obama Gay Martian Conspiracy


As Stephen Colbert puts it, "rumors of President Obama's secret gay Martian past emanate from a top-secret government space teleportation program." Allow him to explain, with some help from William Shatner, of course.


Star Trek Captains Have All The Balls, Mario’s Berserker Rage, And Links


Today's links, featuring two Star Trek captains (Patrick Stewart and William Shatner) enjoying some balls, Mario running amok, and more.


The Two Best ‘Star Trek’ Captains Reunited Via Twitter…To Bitch About Their Cable Providers

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"Star Trek" captains Patrick Stewart and William Shatner spoke to one another on Twitter, to complain about Time Warner.


Beam Me Up, Scotty Elbert

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This may be the first time we've ever tipped our hats to <a href="" target="_blank">Subspace Communique</a>, but here goes -- the Los Angeles Dodgers are hoping to follow in the footsteps of successful <a href="" target="_blank">'Star Wars Days' in San Francisco</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Tampa</a> with their inaugural 'Star Trek Day' on August 3rd.

That Time William Shatner Guest-Starred On ‘Columbo’ And Dressed Like This

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Let's all remember the time William Shatner dressed like a total boss on an episode of 'Columbo.' The '70s were weird.


Original Star Trek Cast Meets Current Cast


Some pictures landed on our desk this weekend.


J.J. Abrams Talks About Star Trek 2, We Wildly Speculate About Old School Cameos


On the red carpet for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, MTV spoke to J.

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