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Here’s Willie Nelson Using A Classic Card Trick To Tell A Very Charming Story

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Willie Nelson manages to use nothing but a deck of cards to entertain and tell a story.

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A Very Normal-Looking Johnny Depp Played Guitar For Willie Nelson In Boston

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A very normal-looking Johnny Depp took a break from filming 'Black Mass' to jam out with Willie Nelson in Boston last week.

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6 Things You Might Not Know About Willie Nelson On His 81st Birthday

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Willie Nelson turns 81 today and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. We have the facts to prove it.


Willie Nelson Earned His Fifth-Degree Black Belt In GongKwon Yusul For His Birthday

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One day ahead of his 81st birthday, Willie Nelson earned his fifth-degree black belt in the modern Korean martial art, GongKwon Yusul.

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Some ‘Big Name Musicians’ Are Canceling Their SeaWorld Gigs Because Of ‘Blackfish’

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Bands like Heart and the Barenaked Ladies have canceled their performances at SeaWorld because of 'Blackfish.'

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Guy On Ecstasy At A Willie Nelson Concert


Dropping ecstasy at a Willie Nelson concert is a terrible way to fit into a crowd.

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Willie Nelson’s ‘The Hobbit 2′ Audition Reel


Willie Nelson has his heart set on playing Gandalf in the The Hobbit 2.


Sports On TV: King Of The Hill’s 25 Greatest Sports Moments

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Previous 'Sports On TV' columns (for 'Saved By The Bell' and 'Full House') have been fun to write but a pain to suffer through for research, because seriously, have you tried watching an 8th season episode of 'Full House' in 2012.

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Willie Nelson And His Sons Cover Pearl Jam's 'Just Breathe' Beautifully

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I was ready to call it a day, but then a friend sent me this, and I just have to post it: Willie Nelson, along with his sons Lukas and Micah, covering Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe.

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We’ll Give You One Guess As To What Snoop Dogg Was Recently Arrested For


If it seems like just yesterday that news broke about Snoop Dogg saying that he'd get President Obama high with his "aroma" in an effort to get marijuana legalized nationwide, that's because it was.

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Willie Nelson Is Covering Coldplay For Chipotle


Cool musicians doing covers of Coldplay songs are all the the rage these days.


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Karma Red Judge Rejects Willie Nelson Plea Deal In Pot Case [AP] This Post Contains A Johnny Gill Sighting [Crunk & Disorderly] NBA Players Respond To The #Lockout [With Leather] Police Find Burglar Having Sex With A Blow-Up Doll In Sex Shop [Fark] The Man Who Has Every PS2 Game In America [Kotaku] Who Is The Watch Snob.

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3.31 The Cooler

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Elyse S Las Vegas Embraces Mob Roots With New Attractions [Yahoo] Tom Joyner Apologizes To Foxy Brown [The Urban Daily] In Defense of Bacon: What Denny's Doesn't Get [Time] Taryn Manning Bares Her Topside for Playboy [Egotastic] Who's the Dim Bulb In South Carolina.


11.29 The Cooler

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Lola Laren Willie Nelson Arrested For Drug Possession [Vlad TV] Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Giblets At Thanksgiving Concert [The Urban Daily] What Are Derek Jeter's Non-Yankee Options.

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Billy Bob Thornton's band, The Boxmasters, was forced to cancel the rest of their Canadian tour.

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