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The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 4/17/14: Lions And Tigers and Bros, Oh My!

By | 12 Comments

A bunch of tables, some wrestling, and the worst Pokemon reference you'll see today. The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling for April 17.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling: Heathcliff, It's Me, Jeff Hardy

By | 23 Comments

Impact Wrestling gets a little racist, a little stupid, and then completely nutballs.


The Best And Worst of Impact Wrestling 3/13/14: No, I Mean The One In The Old West

By | 20 Comments

We join Impact Wrestling live and in progress in the darkest timeline.

bad influence

The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 2/27/14: We Have Books About TV!

By | 15 Comments

Why Ethan Carter III is better than you, and other stuff about Impact Wrestling.

bad influence

The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 2/20/14: The Wolves of Ball Street

By | 14 Comments

We're still in England and nobody has gotten murdered in the countryside in the 1920's. But I guess it's still an okay show.


VIDEO: Is Val Kilmer wasted or just acting wasted?

By | 21 Comments

Val Kilmer recently took time off from his quest to become the world's <a href="" target="_blank">pre-eminent Mark Twain impersonator</a> to film this video for TotalFilm, promoting the 25th anniversary Blu-Ray release of Willow, the best movie George Lucas ever produced.


6 Projects (That Have Nothing To Do With Star Wars Or Indiana Jones) That Need To Happen Now That Disney Owns Lucasfilm

By | 19 Comments

Forget Star Wars and Indiana Jones, these are the Lucasfilm projects Disney needs to get working on...

howard the duck

Five Properties We Wish LucasArts Would Turn Into An FPS

By | 6 Comments

<a href="">Job posts on LucasArts' corporate website</a>, which is how the Internet learns about video games in development, tell us that there's <a href="">an FPS from the company on the way</a>.


Don’t Call This Supercut A Midget

By | 11 Comments

FilmDrunk Minister of Awesomeness Oliver Noble is back with his latest supercut, Revenge of the Dwarfs: Midget Attacks in Cinema (a sequel to <a href="">his Dwarf Abuse mash up</a>).

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