Willy Northpole

“Hood Dreamer” – Review Of Willy Northpole’s Tha Connect

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Connections matter, and when trying to break through in anything, it sometimes helps to know the right people.

Willy Northpole

Willy Northpole Feat. Bobby Valentino – “#1 Side Chick” Video

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Is anyone even paying attention to Brother Northpole round these parts.

Willy Northpole

Connect Game

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Willy Northpole - "Ghetto Tour Guide" Video It's already been documented that Sir Northpole has <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2009/04/ludacris-feat-the-game-willy-northpole-call-up-the-homies">a knack for the narratives</a> so it should come as no surprise that music from his forthcoming album Tha Connect dabbles in the art of storytelling.

Willy Northpole

Ludacris Feat. The Game & Willy Northpole – “Call Up The Homies”

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For some reason, the change in weather has made me less apt to sit here and go through all the tracks I come across on a daily basis.

#Jay Z

“Undisputed”- Review Of Ludacris’ Theater Of The Mind

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That boy Christopher Bridges has done quite well for himself since he came back for the first time 8 years ago.

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