Shut It Down: This Is The Best ‘Pulp Fiction’ Cosplay Ever (Video And Pictures)

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We were so impressed by these 'Pulp Fiction' cosplayers at Comic-Con that we had to track down their identities and find more pictures.


This GLaDOS Cosplay Takes The Cake

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This is a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge Success.


Jonathan Coulton ‘Covers’ The Song ‘Glee’ Stole From Him, Puts It On iTunes For Charity

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Jonathan Coulton hits back at Fox's uncredited use of his "Baby Got Back" cover in a way that hits Fox's lawyers the hardest. Turnabout is fair play.


Is This The Best Chris Brown Review Ever?

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Chloe Papas has turned in a review of Chris Brown's 'Fortune' for the record books. Not since the Nickelback review has a musician been bashed this hard.


Kid With Awesome Cardboard Arcade Gets College Scholarship

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Remember Caine Monroy, the resourceful, creative, and adorable 9-year-old from East L.


GET PUMPED: DJ Kitty Is The Tampa Bay Rays’ New Mascot


Sometimes Florida does something so awesome we briefly forget about the classy hairstyles and the epic mugshots and all the other crazy headlines which make us want to separate the state from the rest of us Bugs Bunny style.

#Star Wars

Corporate Response To Star Wars Complaint Letter Is The Best Ever Corporate Response

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There's a retail chain for educational toys in the UK called "The Early Learning Centre" which I pronounce "sent-ray" while drinking Earl Gray with my pinky out because I'm fancy/illiterate.


Physical Impossibilities in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Stephen Magnet (AKA Beatledude64) put together an awesome presentation (video below) on three scenes with physics inaccuracies in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".


Links With Winners


Stay classy, Fox News.



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Anybody could make a list of ugly, poorly-executed, and sad-looking cosplay fails.

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