Starbucks Is Asking Customers Not To Bring Guns Into Their Stores And The Gun Nuts Are PISSED

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Seriously, you really need to carry an unconcealed weapon to get a f*cking latte at Starbucks? Jesus.


Victoria Jackson Is Mad At The Christians For Not Doing Enough To Defeat The Forces Of Obama/Satan

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Not content to allow Donald Trump to take the prize as the conservative TV "star" to have <a href="">the biggest Twitter meltdown last night</a>, Victoria Jackson <a href="">came on strong late last night</a>, lamenting the end of America as we know it and blaming Christians for not doing enough to prevent it.

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Nickelodeon calls promoting Jason Biggs’ Twitter account ‘A mistake.’

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Bear with me, folks, this one requires a journey deep down the rabbit hole.


Wingnuts Attack Olive Garden & Red Lobster On Facebook For 86ing French Fries From Kid’s Menus

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For as long as there have been first ladies in the United States, <a href="">first ladies have had pet projects</a> they devote their time and energy to.

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