Hey Boston, Charles Barkley Thinks You’re Taking Your Teams’ Success For Granted

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The New England Patriots have a chance to win the Super Bowl every year, and Sir Charles Barkley thinks area reporters take that success for granted.

Jimmy Kruyne

Shirtless Horse Head Mask-Wearing Jogger Is Still Winning Hurricane Sandy, In Case You Were Wondering


Well here you have it, folks: the shirtless, horse head mask-wearing jogger who captivated a nation this morning has been identified.


Enough Already, Charlie Sheen

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The Arizona Diamondbacks let Charlie Sheen take batting practice prior to yesterday's 5-3 win over the New York Mets, and while it's bad enough that people continue to pay attention to his depressing antics, the reason that he was there is even worse - he's trying to get into shape for Major League 4.


Charlie Sheen Is Losing

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Hey, remember when <a href="">Charlie Sheen bragged</a> about "banging seven-gram rocks" because "that's how he rolls".


Charlie Sheen Trying to Trademark 22 Catchphrases

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Now that his acting career has entered its "Busey" phase, Charlie Sheen is attempting to trademark 22 phrases that entered the pop culture lexicon during his unhinged publicity tornado that followed his dismissal from "Two and a Half Men.


Has Flash Been Killed? By Adobe?

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Since the late '90s, people have loved arguing over one topic on Internet design: whether or not Flash, first a Macromedia product and then consumed with a great NOM by Adobe, is a useful tool for creating animation and dynamic websites, or a bug-riddled, security-compromising monstrosity that should be killed at all costs.

the gregory brothers

Finally: Gregory Brothers Auto-Tune Charlie Sheen

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Two apologies: first, I'm sorry that this is about Charlie Sheen.


Guhhhh… Charlie Sheen News

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Well, it finally happened: I reached the tipping point for Charlie Sheen media saturation today.

dallas mavericks

Mark Cuban And Charlie Sheen Joining Forces?

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It seems fitting that Mark Cuban, a famous guy who never shuts his mouth, would talk to Charlie Sheen, a man who is rapidly reaching that stage as the <a href="!/charliesheen/status/44593285200756736">random-ass tweets</a> keep popping out of his Twitter account.

Charlie Sheen

The Daily Sheen: Op-Ed Pages

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Okay, I think we've survived the worst of Hurricane Charlie's strafing runs.


Chicago Cubs Enjoying Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood Bender


At spring training for the Chicago Cubs, the games being played aren't exciting enough (my assumption, but correct me if I'm wrong), so the team is turning to entertainment from a very special crazy celebrity who has recently been all over television for the batsh-t insane stuff coming out of his mouth.

Charlie Sheen

The Daily Sheen: Now Drug-Free!

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That's right, I'm still trying to keep it to one Charlie Sheen post a day.

Charlie Sheen

The Sheen Pyramid of Greatness

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Well, I suppose this was inevitable: Charlie Sheen's soundbites of insanity have been appropriated for The Charlie Sheen Pyramid of Greatness based off the original <a href="" target="_self">Ron Swanson Pyramid</a> from "Parks and Recreation.

Charlie Sheen

The Daily Sheen

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Okay, everybody: time for the daily check-up on Charlie Sheen.


“I live inside the truth.” The best quotes from Charlie Sheen’s Howard Stern interview.

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Charlie Sheen's all-out, F-18 media napalm attack continued today with interviews with Piers Morgan and Howard Stern, and I'm sick of pretending that covering Charlie Sheen is not just bitchin', all-out winning every second.

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