#Jurassic World

Would ‘Jurassic World’s’ Indominus Rex Win In A Real Life Dinosaur Battle?

Paleontologist Jack Horner takes some time to discuss the real life chances of the big bad dino from 'Jurassic World' in a dinosaur fight.


Siri Didn’t Like Scarlett Johansson’s Performance In ‘Her’


You may have heard great reviews of 'Her', but there's at least one detractor who didn't appreciate Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of an AI program.

#game of thrones

Now We Have Proof That Many Women Do Like ‘Game of Thrones’ (Not That We Needed It)


The New York Times and Thrillist suggested women don't like 'Game Of Thrones'. Let's see what actual viewership statistics say about that.


Introducing Tacocopter: The Meanest Prank The Internet Could Ever Play


Over the past few days, the Internet has been going nuts over Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Mad Men The Hunger Games iPad 3 defects porn a new fast food start-up in San Francisco that would combine technological progress and the most important food of the past 1,000 years – tacos.

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