Watch This Kid Try To Walk Into His House After Having His Wisdom Teeth Removed


This 18-year-old manages to walk on rubber legs, fight his reflection, and run from Halloween decorations. Thanks, surgery!

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed, Immediately Records The Best Ice Bucket Challenge Video Yet


A young lady in a Hogwarts sweatshirt just raised the bar for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos by recording hers right after getting her wisdom teeth removed

wisdom teeth

Attn. Ryan Gosling: This Would-Be Kardashian Who Just Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed Wants You


We all say crazy things when we're on drugs, but wanting Ryan Gosling's "white d*ck"? That actually makes a lot of sense.

wisdom teeth

Watch A Girl Apologize To Her Wisdom Teeth For Murdering Them


“They were just trying to help me chew, and I didn’t accept them," says the only teen who feels bad FOR her wisdom teeth.

wisdom teeth

Emile Hirsch Get His Wisdom Teeth Pulled, Posts Video Of Himself High On Dental Gas To YouTube

Remember young David, the kid whose father recorded him high on anesthesia while traveling home from the dentist back in 2008.

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