The With Leather Interview: Mark Henry on Retirement, Training in the Dungeon, and Making You Subservient

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On June 17, Mark Henry made WWE Raw viewers everywhere look like gullible nitwits, and Lord, was the con glorious.


The With Leather Interview: Jenn Brown Talks ‘American Ninja Warrior’

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The newest season of American Ninja Warrior is underway, airing Mondays at 8 PM ET on NBC and Sundays at 9 PM ET on G4, and this is very exciting news for us, because we love watching Average Joes and random professional athletes try to accomplish what so few people before them have ever done.


Our Friend Leon Purvis Is Back To Ask Gabby Douglas On A Date

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Back in December, almost five months after she’d risen to fame as America’s newest Olympic sweetheart, gold medalist Gabby Douglas received a prom invite from a young man named Leon Purvis, who was exponentially more genuine and sincere than that guy who wanted to take Kate Upton to prom.


The With Leather Interview: NBA Draft Prospect Ben McLemore

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Editor’s Note: This interview appears in the June issue of aXis Magazine, which is dedicated to Orlando’s culture, nightlife, sports, music, drinking, ladies, etc.


The With Leather Interview: Three-Time WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres

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For the first time in my life as a casual wrestling fan, I tuned into Monday Night RAW specifically to watch a Divas match.


The With Leather Interview: Ken Block Takes Us For A Spin With 'Gymkhana Five'

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In 2008, rally car racer Ken Block used his 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI and a film crew to create an incredible new Internet sensation.


The With Leather Saturday Interview: NASCAR's Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

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I don’t write about NASCAR nearly as much as I’d like to, so I was pretty stoked when I was told that 2011 Nationwide Series Champion Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.


Patrick Willis Is The Best. Just Ask Him

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In just four years, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis has already taken his place as one of the greats in the game today.


What Two MMA Stars Would Change About MMA

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Urijah Faber and Jon "Bones" Jones are two of the great forces in mixed martial arts.


Josh Cox Will Make You Want To Run

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Josh Cox is one of the great American runners, but it wasn't that long ago when he was dirt poor with awful hair.


A Few Minutes With The NBA’s Terry Porter

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Terry Porter knows his way about the NBA, having played for four teams and having coaching for two others.


A Few Minutes With SI Swimsuit Issue Rookie Alyssa Miller

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Alyssa Miller was in Las Vegas doing press for the SI Swimsuit Issue when I caught up with her yesterday afternoon.


A Few Minutes With SI.com’s Grant Wahl

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It might be an understatement to say that Grant Wahl is one of the more accomplished writers at the Sports Illustrated franchise.

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