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10 Things You Might Not Know About The Wonderful Women Of ‘Justified’

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The women of Justified are universally smart, tough, and beautiful. Let's get to know them a little better.

Nina Siakhali Moradi

Was This Female Iranian Politician’s Election Overturned Because She’s Too Pretty?


After an Iranian woman was elected to her city's council, she was inexplicably denied the job and some people believe it's because she's too pretty.


Olivia Wilde Has Advice For Women Turning 30

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Olivia Wilde doesn’t turn 30 until March 10, 2014, but as long as she has a movie to promote – Drinking Buddies, of which you can <a href="" target="_blank">read Vince’s review here</a> – she was more than happy to <a href="" target="_blank">write a guest column for Glamour</a> about the anxiety that some women can feel as they approach that milestone birthday.

dana white

Joe Rogan Is A Total Professional

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Joe Rogan is a forward-thinking gentleman with <a href="" target="_blank">a great understanding of women</a>.


Oh Hi There, Rachel Wray: Have We Found Our Newest Favorite MMA Star?

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With our beloved Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey <a href="">now the official first ever UFC women’s champion</a> and <a href="">set to make her debut for Dana White’s dominant promotion on Feb. 26</a>, more and more females are trying their hands at Mixed Martial Arts.

2012 RECAP

The Most Popular Woman On The Internet In 2012 Is Somehow Not Kate Upton

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A list of the most searched-for women on the Internet in 2012, with a surprising #1.


Put Away Those Boobs, Ladies, Kasey Kahne Is Trying To Shop

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In today's hottest "NASCAR driver might not have a great perspective on the world" news, driver Kasey Kahne offended every single human woman on Twitter when he saw a lady breastfeeding her child at the grocery store and jumped on the Internet to complain about it.


Play With Leather Free Fantasy Football With Draftstreet And Win $250 For Week 6


<a href=""> Do you like football? Do you like beautiful women? Then play the latest installment of our <a href="">free fantasy football game through DraftStreet</a> and prove it.


Women Are Terrible At Motorcycles

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This year's X-Games added something called the "Moto X Enduro Women's Division", and on paper it sounds pretty cool.


Update: Dale Jr. Would Not F**k This Guy


In news that makes me feel considerably better about Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Strong is Beautiful

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Womens tennis news has been pretty drab of late, what with <a href="">Serena Williams being stalked</a>, being told she <a href="">deserved to be stalked for wearing sexy clothes</a> by the Sporting News, and having to watch her <a href="">sister sing 311 karaoke</a> on a booze cruise.


Week In Review: Television Will Never Be The Same Again


As a child I was taught never to laugh at anyone's misfortunes, but then 20 years later YouTube came along blew that whole idea to smithereens.


More Like March Nadness, Am I Right?

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If you’re like me, you commonly make out with two girls at the same time and you were also able to watch the NCAA Tournament’s early games on your office’s 70-inch LED TV while your coworkers shook their ham fists in rage.


Woman Of The Decade: Let Your Man Watch Football

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I got an email from a guy this morning whose wife (not pictured) writes for a blog called "<a href="">Twinkies And Gin</a>," which sounds like a good place to be.


S. African Man Done With World Cup

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A 61-year old South African man was murdered by his family last weekend after changing the channel on their TV to watch World Cup soccer.

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