Mia Farrow says Frank Sinatra might be her son’s father

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Mia Farrow made news today when she told <a href="" target="_blank">Vanity Fair</a> that Ronan Farrow, her thought-to-be biological son with then-husband Woody Allen, to whom she was married from 1980 to 1992, might actually be the product of her affairs with earlier husband Frank Sinatra (1966 - 1968).


Mayor of Rio offers to fully fund Woody Allen’s next movie if he shoots it there

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With Rio De Janeiro hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the city is aggressively courting "major world city" status.

sharon stone

Woody Allen is John Turturro’s pimp in ‘Fading Gigolo’

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In this trailer for Fading Gigolo, directed by John Turturro, Woody Allen plays a pimp, and John Turturro his prostitute, whose services are solicited by Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara for a menage, in one big game of "what part of this story is the least believable.

Andrew Dice Clay

Woody Allen mulls return to stand up, hadn’t heard of Louis CK

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The cast of Woody Allen's latest movie, Blue Jasmine (<a href="" target="_blank">trailer here</a>), includes Andrew Dice Clay and Louis CK, casting choices you probably wouldn't make unless you had stand-up comedy on your mind, at least a little.


Woody Allen’s new movie starring Andrew Dice Clay and Louis CK

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The last time Woody Allen went a full calendar year without releasing a movie he'd written was 1976, between Love and Death and Annie Hall, when he starred in The Front.


Zach Braff Explained Kickstarter And Crowd Funding To Woody Allen

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I never really understood or cared what <a href="" target="_blank">Zach Braff was trying to do with his Kickstarter campaign</a> to make Garden State 2: Garden Hard With A Vengeance, because I wasn’t giving him a dime, and therefore couldn’t give two kittens' queefs what other people did with their money.


SUPERCUT: Every Woody Allen Stammer from Every Woody Allen Movie

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With our Jewish friends currently celebrating Passover, the annual rite in which the blood of Christian babies is smeared above doorways to keep interest rates high, now seemed like the perfect time to commemorate the body of work of a Jewish icon, one Allan Stewart Konigsberg, aka Woody Allen.


Great Moments In Animal Abuse: Woody Allen Once Boxed A Kangaroo On TV

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It’s hard to believe that people could have ever thought this was a good idea, but in 1966, there was a TV series entitled <a href="">Europe's Big Top Circus Stars Live from the Hippodrome</a> – AKA The Hippodrome Show – and it featured big TV and movie stars of the day serving as “Guest Ringmasters” of a televised circus.


Well-Known Directors Audition For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ On Conan

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Disney is seeking a director for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. Luckily, Conan O'Brien found audition videos from Michael Moore, Woody Allen, and Kevin Smith.


Ronan Farrow (AKA Woody Allen's Son) Won Father's Day On Twitter


If the name Ronan Farrow (yes, <a href="" target="_blank">that's him</a> at an after party with Kate Upton and Aziz Ansari) doesn't ring a bell you should check out <a href="" target="_blank">his Wikipedia page</a>.

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Woody Allen got roasted

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Woody Allen's latest movie, To Rome With Love, opened the LA Film Festival a few days ago and unfortunately for Woody, the Paris-style hit on his hands (bummer, because I really liked Midnight in Paris).


Woody Allen's next movie to star Louis CK and Andrew Dice Clay. Wait, what?

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The last time Woody Allen went a full calendar year without having a movie in theaters was 1976, between Love and Death and Annie Hall, so I guess you could say he's kind of prolific.


WATCH: Woody Allen did 'Midnight in Paris' as a stand-up act 50 years ago

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Most people know that Woody Allen was a stand-up comedian before he was a filmmaker, but what you may not realize is that he basically described the plot of<a href="" target="_blank"> Midnight in Paris</a> in his act 50 years ago.


Oscars? Woody Allen ain't care.

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And now, children, I read to you from the <a href="" target="_blank">book of</a> "Woody Allen Ain't Care," volume three, verse 25, year 76.


Owen Wilson Balls Even Harder In The Other ‘Ni**as In Midnight In Paris’ Mashup


Just a week ago <a href="" target="_blank">I was giving YouTube editor CrawlBeforeYouBall all sorts of love</a> for finally mashing together Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris with Jay-Z and Kanye's "Ni**as in Paris.


Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen star in ‘Hilarious Combinations’

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Getty Images, via <a href="" target="_blank">BestWeekEver</a> I can't stop looking at this picture.


Morning Links: Stilted Mailings


Sports Wilt Chamberlain to Possibly Have His Own Postage Stamp - This is the most appropriate news bit of the day, as Wilt has been sticking it to white squares since 1958.


Man, Woody Allen is old

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Word up, hepcats, peep this excerpt from a recent interview with Woody Allen: Reuters: You still write your scripts on a typewriter.


Midnight in Paris is Bill & Ted for Liberal Arts Majors

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A Night at the Jewseum: Woody Allen Molests His History Book I walked out of Midnight in Paris with a smile on my face, and frankly, I'm shocked.


A Mash-Up of Actors Playing Woody Allen

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Writers of fiction strive to create compelling characters who feel real, and managing that almost always requires drawing on your own personality and experiences.

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