Important: CM Punk And Shirley From ‘Community’ Are Best Friends

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This may not come as a surprise to those of you who stalk former WWE Champion CM Punk's Twitter feed (and trust me, I write columns about wrestling on the reg.

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‘Words With Friends’ Has Its First Marriage


<a href=""></a>You really haven't made it in the social networking game until you do two things: Cause a marriage by bringing two random people together, and irrevocably ruin one by revealing one or both spouses are cheating.

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Alec Baldwin Makes Light Of The Words With Friends/Plane Incident On SNL


On Saturday night Alec Baldwin appeared on SNL's Weekend Update segment as "Steve Rogers," a thick-mustached fictional America Airlines executive, to apologize to Alec Baldwin for <a href="">the way the airline treated him last week</a> -- actions it <a href="">later refused to apologize for</a>.


American Airlines: Alec Baldwin Is An A-Hole


In response to Alec Baldwin's claim that <a href="">American Airlines kicked him off of a flight for merely playing Words With Friends</a> on his phone after a flight attendant had called for all electronic devices to be powered down, <a href="">the airline issued a statement this afternoon on Facebook</a> alleging that there was a little more to it than that.

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Alec Baldwin Got Kicked Off A Flight For Playing ‘Words With Friends,’ But A Panda Flew Business Class In China

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Yes, what you see above is <a href="">an actual panda flying on a commercial airline</a>.

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