Smoke Up, Johnny: The Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year Is… Vape


Oxford Dictionaries has announced 2014's Word of the Year. I hope you're happy, society. You did this.


Scrabble Is Holding A Contest To Let You Pick A New Word For Its Dictionary


Fans can nominate words to be considered for Scrabble's dictionary on Hasbro's Facebook page through March 28. Get your votes in for Kwyjibo.


Shut It Down, Society: The Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year Is… Selfie


The act of taking a picture of yourself for all the Internet to mock is now being celebrated, as 'selfie' has been named the 2013 Word of the Year.


107 Regional Slang Words

John Green looks at 107 words specific to certain regions, such as Indiana's "pitch-in dinner," England's "loo," and Ireland's "to rabbit on.


11 Obsolete Words We Should Bring Back

That shock you feel when you first plunge into cold water.


79 Common Mispronunciations

John Green discusses 79 of the most commonly mispronounced words.


38 Common Spelling and Grammar Errors

John Green runs through some of the most common spelling and grammar errors.


The Stories of 56 Acronyms and Initialisms

John Green sorts through acronyms and initialisms you may not know the origins of, such as M&M's and BMW.


Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names

The feeling that you haven't taken a complete poop.


Harrison Says Words Backwards

A young guy screwing around with his friends puts on an amazing display.


‘Unfollow,’ ‘NSFW’ And ‘ZOMG’ Added To Oxford Dictionary

Reports Today: The Oxford Dictionaries Online, one of the authorities on the English language, has once again taken steps to acknowledge how our obsession with the Internet is gradually altering our vocabularies — by adding things such as "NSFW," "ZOMG," "newb," and "Twittersphere" to its virtual pages.

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